NKN June 2022 monthly report
– Binance adding $NKN/$BUSD support
– nPool | An easy and secure NKN mining pool by our community
– Binance launches $NKN staking program
– NKN Short video series | developing with NKN
– Upcoming Twitter reward Campaign!

– Launching NKN’s new style guide
– nLearning | Web 3.0 challenges and solutions: Transaction spamming in blockchain
– nConnect | Mapping local IP drive with nConnect from a public network
– NKN Short video series | Exploring more on NKN
– Community votes on the next nMobile feature

NKN April 2022 Highlights
– SWFT adding support for NKN Mainnet and NKN ERC-20 token swap
– nLearning | Web 3.0 example : nMobile secure chat
– nConnect | Keep up the productivity and security in a remote working age
– NKN Short video series | The approach to NKN Technology
– Upcoming: launch of NKN’s new style guide

Highlights nConnect | No more sacrifice on security for remote accessing A completely new and rebuilt Surge 1.0.0 Beta Release! NKN nConnect and QNAP twitter holiday season Coupon is on Final Call! nMobile new Updates Happy Lunar New Year 2022! Mainnet technical development updates Latest Mainnet Stats January 27, 2022: 💻 116,742 full consensus nodes […]

– QNAP and NKN partner to bring nConnect to global market
– Newest version of nMobile 1.2 available in both iOS and Android
– The World’s very first NKN satellite miner with Starlink by community developer
– New NKN dashboard by community developer
– NKN NFT special collection: Narwhal limited edition by Leon

– NKN completes Coinbase Earn Campaign
– What’s new on nConnect: remote desktop between Mac and PC
– Coinbase adding $EUR and $GBP fiat pairs for $NKN
– NKN mainnet v2.1.7 introduces fast and light sync
– NKN & Gitcoin GR11 Hackathon Winners and Prizes announced!