• New Mainnet v2.2.0 Release
  • EthDenver Web 3.0 Infra & Middleware In-Person Meetup 
  • Blockbeats Twitter Space | Ethereum 2023 
  • Ranking Top 2 in increasing commits on GitHub
  • NKN Technical Development Achievement Q1’2023

Mainnet Status 

Latest Mainnet Stats Mar 29th, 2023:

  • 💻 78,421 full consensus nodes
  • 🌐 49 countries & regions
  • 📦 16,464,395,508 relays per hour
  • ⛓ 5,195,934 block height

The latest stable release for mainnet is v2.2.0


New Mainnet v2.2.0 Release

New NKN Mainnet v2.2.0 is released in March! Find it here.

Adding a bunch of major features including client authorization, client message cache, transaction pool synchronization…etc. Also, with improved performance optimization, bug fixes, and security patches.

An upgrade is highly recommended! And you can find a more detailed description of Mainnet v2.2.0 on our official website’s blog.

EthDenver Web 3.0 Infra & Middleware In-Person Meetup

With over 1000 tickets sold and over 200 people on the waitlist, we kick-started our EthDenver side event with a super high spirit!

Our co-hosts from EthStorage, HyperOracle, and Sentio shared their brilliant technology and user cases, and there were so many inspiring talks happening on-site with bites of food and pints of drinks!

We’re hoping to see everyone again in our next in-person events! And for our new friends, even if you missed this event, please follow our official Twitter @NKN_ORG to get alerts for more fascinating Meet-ups!

Blockbeats Twitter Space | Ethereum 2023

Blockbeats news, March 4, NKN co-founder Bruce Li stated as a panelist in @BlockbeatsAsia EthDenver Twitter Space that NKN team focus on and consider Web 3 networking infrastructure more from the application layer perspective. 

He also commented on the massive trend of AI and chatGPT in the past few weeks, where he points out that there must be a way to do it in a decentralized manner.

For Twitter Space record: https://twitter.com/BlockBeatsAsia/status/1631844624661872640

For English News: https://nkn.org/community/blog/nkn-co-founder-considering-web-3-infrastructure-from-an-application-layer-perspective/

For the Original Chinese article: https://www.theblockbeats.info/flash/131592

Ranking Top 2 in increasing commits on GitHub

We’re honored to have all these developers contributing and building with NKN! We’re definitely on fire, not only are we in the Top 10 two weeks in a row, this week we have moved up to #2 of all crypto projects on Github commits!

NKN Technical Development Achievement Q1’2023

NKN developers have been busy, and here’s what we working on feverishly in the background during the first quarter of 2023. For the complete list please check this article