What is nConnect?

Complete remote access solution with strongest security and privacy

Easy to setup within 3 minutes

1. Install nConnect Plug-in on your NAS device
2. Setup your phone
Download and install nConnect mobile app on your phone, scan the QR code from step 1, which will automatically establish a secure tunnel between your mobile device and NAS.
3. Setup your PC
Install nConnect desktop applications on your PC, pastes the Access Key from step 1 to establish a secure tunnel between your PC and NAS.
4. Synchronize, and you're all set

Why nConnect?

Everything about our unique solution of remote accessing.


For premium paid services, highest quality nConnect tunneling servers are engaged to ensure a faster speed and reduce net latency by aggregating multiple concurrent paths.


Access your files and services from anywhere at anytime – even if your home/office servers or devices is behind a router/gateway/firewall.

Universal Compatible

When we say we are borderless and without boundaries, we mean it in all means: nConnect supports both TCP and UDP transmission, every application of yours will work seamlessly over nConnect.

One Connection

NKN’s network of up to 30,000 servers in more than 40 countries guarantees high quality nConnect tunneling nodes are always available – and all access are done by one connection.

Pay with convenience

By credit card, paypal or AliPay Monthly or Annual subscription

Pricing starts at $3.99 or 25 RMB per month(*)!

* for up to 40GB