NKN developers have been busy, and here are the main achievements for the first quarter of 2023.

Major releases and features:

NKN Mainnet Node Release 2.2.0

  • Transaction pool synchronization
  • Client connection authorization
  • Client message cache control
  • New TLS cert domain and verification



  • UDP support for tuna, nkn-tuna-session, nkn-tunnel and nConnect
  • nMobile
    • New private group chat
    • Application two-way sharing
    • Multi-image viewing and sliding
    • Optimize push notification and client connection
  • nConnect
    • Fix scanning QRcode bug
    • Fix the connection bug in CN
    • Improve connection speed

NCP protocol

Universal Communication Service

  • ETH/ENS to NKN mapping via smart contract
  • Deployed on Ethereum, Theta, IoTeX, and Harmony|One mainnets