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Blockbeats news, On March 4, NKN co-founder Bruce Li stated as a panelist in Blockbeats’「2023 EthDenver」 Twitter Space that they focus on and consider Web 3 infrastructure more from the application layer perspective. He emphasizes that Infrastructure is driven by applications.

“Social networking, such as Twitter drew much attention last year. And most recently, Apps such as Damus from Nostr also caught people’s interest. These are great opportunities for the mass audiences to realize that a decentralized version of Twitter is viable and there’s a lot more to be expected from Web 3 Apps specializing in social networking tracks.”

“Recent Apps could still be quite basic, but we could see the trend that users are expecting experiences as good as the Web 2 Apps or even better. A tremendous opportunity and market await.”

“Decentralization by itself might not satisfy the market. Great UI, UX, and easy integration with Web 3 infra would be critical to attracting more users.”

He also commented on the massive trend of AI and chatGPT in the past few weeks, where he points out that there must be a way to do it in a decentralized manner. 

“Through AI federated machine learning (AI), you can keep all your data in your own devices and train everything within the small model, then only exchange the parameters of that model with a more centralized or bigger model, both preserving user privacy and benefiting from a much larger model.”

“This is something we’ll see in the next year or two, and to make all this happen, web 3 computing, storage, and communication will be crucial. NKN is here to serve the communication needs of new age applications.”