The biggest little secret in DePIN As we head into a promising season for blockchain technology, a term is making rounds in the community — “DePIN Summer.” This term captures the burgeoning interest and innovative developments in the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN). At the forefront of this movement is NKN, leading the charge with […]

Step onto the stage of the Korean Blockchain Week, a pivotal gathering in the Web 3 industry, and embark on an exhilarating journey with us. We are proud to collaborate with an impressive array of partners, including Ticker Capital, Alchemy Pay, CoinW, Bittrex, Relation,​Ticker Capital, Filecoin, and an illustrious roster of 10 other exceptional pioneers. Together, we present the ultimate After Party, exclusively designed for the brilliant minds who are unwaveringly committed to shaping the upcoming era of Web 3.

On Thursday 20th July 2022 over Twitter Space, NKN co-founders Bruce Li and Yilun Zhang (CTO) provided updates of the NKN project as well as shared thoughts about future directions. The topics covered at:
1) NKN achievements up to mid-year 2023: Tech progression, Product updates, Business Development, Marketing new attempts, upcoming events, Community, Future plans/lite yearly roadmap.
2) Share new trends and recent movements of the Web 3.0, as well as future plans for NKN.
3) Q&A session