nConnect New Tutorial | Building a private ChatGPT server with ChatGLM
– Novio Wallet for NKN mainnet is available on the Chrome web store
– NKN is now available on CoinDCX App
– NKN’s blogs are now in Matters. Town by MattersLab
– What to expect | Some hints for NKN’s exciting movements in the coming month!

– NKN in HK Web 3 Festival
– Recruitment event with OpenJob in Beijing
– nMobile adds AI-powered ChatGPTv4 buddy
– AIGC | nConnect enables AI image creation anywhere at any time
– Mempool | Get a real-time view of transactions on the NKN blockchain

We can all agree that the year 2022 challenged us like no other. An unabating pandemic that claimed millions of lives around the world. Social and economic instabilities that preyed upon every living human being. And a few unexpected wrecks from the crypto world that shattered people’s faith in the industry. 

Yet, it allowed us to see what we are capable of, both as a team and as a community. Thanks to our solid Tech foundation, consistently high quality of implementation, and the profound dedication of all our team members and community members from all over the world, we kept progressing throughout this year.

Now we are utterly prepared for the coming year of 2023, excited to deliver a powerful network and a rich portfolio of services more than ever.

NKN monthly report 12/2022 Highlights
– Kucoin x NKN x CertiK | Best Security Practices for Your Crypto
– Short Video series | Secret Key to All Your NKN Assets
– Scam alert: “NKN Broker” is a scam!
– Getting Ready for the NKN Annual Report 2022

NKN Monthly Report 10/2022
– NKN is now verified with the blue tick badge on CoinMarketCap
– A major revamp in dApp Surge, powered by the NKN network 
– Short Video series | NKN tokens and wallets for dummies
– 8 questions with NKN core developer Moore | IPFS gateway for nMobile
– Upcoming: SFBW22 after party with NKN, EthStorage, and Harmony Protocol