In 2023, NKN came out  strong in all aspects of making amazing things happen for building a better web 3 industry. We Have launched Universal communication Service (UCS) to provide data transmission for all Web 2 and 3 applications, strengthened our unique blockchain as one of the largest and crucial DePIN communication network, incubated great dApps that enrich NKN’s ecosystem, and expand our global awareness through active promotion in worldwide web 3 events.

We sincerely thank each and every one of you for standing with us, and supporting our project with expertise, commitment and energy. 

In this report, we will summarize our highlights of the year and cover our future goals.

Launched Universal Communication Service (UCS) 

NKN’s Universal Communication Service is the next generation decentralized comm protocol designed to bridge the gap between traditional web 2 services and an opening era of web 3 application. With compatibility as the essential key to achieving modern communication, NKN Universal Communication Service ensures a borderless and secure platform for all. 

For more information about how our UCS is imperative to the real world communication:

Strengthening the largest DePIN communication network 

NKN has built the largest blockchain network, and boasts up to 180,000 full consensus nodes running in 60 countries and regions. True to be the indispensable web 3 communication infrastructure, NKN network has transported over 27 trillion data packets in 2023 alone, an impressive number. 

NKN network dominates as the communication infrastructure in DePIN, a sector that has ignited a renewed consensus  that now is Web3’s time to shine in the real-world. NKN has been a pioneer in DePIN. Since the launch of our mainnet in 2019, NKN offers a decentralized network that motivates users to share network connections and bandwidth, through token incentives and economic rewards. 

In 2023, NKN continued to improve its Mainnet, introducing updated features such as client verification, message caching, transaction pool syncing, and more. 

Real time node map

Incubated and supported great dApps in NKN ecosystem

NKN’s ecosystem expands significantly this year: we have Clink the new kind of social network, Nolaris for satellite Internet solution, nRide for ride-hauling, and nPool for predictable NKN 


Clink is a Chat-to-Earn social networking App built on NKN and Coinbase’s BASE blockchain, banking on millions of NKN nodes located globally for a new kind of social interaction. In addition, users can trade social capital smartly for real gain. Clink offers a paramount experience for both Web 2 social and Web 3 DeFi enthusiasts alike. 

As one of our proud ecosystem incubation projects, Clink on-boarded hundreds of early adopters in less than a month. We believe that secure communication, user centric nature, transparent trading actions, will make Clink the next generation of SocialFi. The application is now available for download in Apple Store, Google Play and Android APK

nRide, winning the NKN foundation awards of this year, made significant strides in real world trials and integration. Born to revolutionize the Giga Economy (Uber, Didi), nRide is a decentralized ride hailing platform that allows both drivers and riders to match the rides and communicate in a decentralized and secure way. 

nRide made its debut trial in the Web Summit tLisbon in November 2023, where free rides were offered to test the team and the product. nRide partnered with local taxi drivers to use the app and provide the service to the Summit participants for free. And the overwhelming response has been five stars rated for the drivers, riders, and the product.

Expand awareness and presences in Global events

NKN is the core sponsor of Korea Builders Night at KBW 2023, and one of the key speakers at the central stage. We are also the cohost of Pioneer the future of web3, a spectacular evening uniting over 300 blockchain enthusiasts in Seoul. You can find the recap or video recap in our official blog and YouTube channel.

At Ethereum Foundation’s largest annual event ETHDenver, NKN hosted a sell-out event where over 1,200 developers and web 3.0 enthusiasts registered.  

You can also find our team participating in Web 3 summit Hong Kong, EthShanghai, Websummit, and more.

Raising awareness of the NKN project, we are also invited in several Twitter Space and hosted on-line campaigns/Hackathons with brilliant partners such as Binance, Blockbeats, Matters Lab, Lens Protocols, and more. Follow our Official Twitter to stay tuned or review the full session. 

Our community continues to be our greatest assets. We’d like to express our sincere appreciation to all of NKN’s team members, partners, developers, community members, and those who like to hang out and support us. 

You are the very core to our success.

NKN Team