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Today we are thrilled to announce that the NKN Foundation Award 2023 goes to nRide, the new generation of web 3.0 ride-hailing platform built on top of the largest DePIN communication platform NKN!

The nRide team will receive an award of 100,000 NKN, which will support their further development of the nRide platform, as well as expanding the driver relationship and adoption in global markets.

Congratulations to nRide, and we wish you great success at the Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon!

A conversation with nRide founder

We invited nRide’s Founder and developer Martin Arrivets, to share some thoughts about what nRide is, how nRide is related to NKN, what he is doing at Web Summit Lisbon, and his future plans for nRide.

nRide is a groundbreaking decentralized peer-to-peer ride-hailing platform that is revolutionizing the traditional ride-hailing industry. It aims to create a more equitable and transparent ecosystem by connecting riders and drivers directly through blockchain technology and smart contracts, eliminating the need for centralized intermediaries. The platform utilizes the NRIDE token for transactions and governance, empowering users to participate in decision-making and ensuring trust in ride transactions through an escrow mechanism.

nRide’s relationship with NKN is significant, as it is built on top of the NKN network and leverages NKN’s unique blockchain-based overlay network for secure and decentralized communication between riders and drivers. This integration enhances the scalability, security, and efficiency of the messaging protocol, a vital component of the nRide platform. By utilizing NKN’s features, nRide offers a decentralized and robust messaging infrastructure, ensuring privacy and security for all interactions between riders and drivers.

nRide is gearing up for a significant trial at the upcoming Web Summit event in Lisbon, taking place next week on November 13th and 14th, 2023. During this event, nRide will offer free rides to and from the Web Summit venue through its app, allowing attendees to experience the platform and contribute to ongoing product testing. Beyond this trial, nRide is actively expanding its user base, refining its escrow and registry mechanisms, and enhancing the mobile app’s user experience. The platform is also committed to open-sourcing its codebase, launching a public beta version, and fostering partnerships with ride-hailing companies. Looking ahead, nRide aims to become a global leader in peer-to-peer ride-hailing, revolutionizing transportation services by expanding into new markets, regions, and urban areas while maintaining financial sustainability and community-driven governance.

NKN UCS – Web 3 developer’s one-stop solution for everything communication

Built on top of the New Kind of Network (NKN) protocol, Universal Communication System (UCS) uses NKN as its network layer, effectively making NKN the TCP/IP layer in the UCS architecture. This groundbreaking system enables end-to-end encrypted communication without reliance on any centralized server, ensuring optimal privacy and security for all users.’

By enabling decentralized applications (dApps) to achieve real-time off-chain communication, UCS empowers Ethereum users to utilize their Ethereum or ENS addresses within decentralized messaging applications like nMobile. This approach offers unparalleled flexibility and promotes interoperability between various platforms. NKN UCS is already deployed on Ethereum mainnet as well as several EVM compatible blockchains such as IoTeX, Theta, and Harmony.One.

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NKN – the largest DePIN communication network

DePIN stands for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks. It’s a new way to build and maintain infrastructure in the physical world. This “infrastructure” can be anything from WiFi hotspots in wireless networks to solar-powered home batteries in energy networks. DePINs are built out in a decentralized way, by individuals and companies all over the world, for anyone to use. In return, these contributors receive financial compensation and an ownership stake in the network they’re building and the services they’re providing (via token incentives). DePINs are made possible through widespread Internet connectivity and technological advancements in blockchain infrastructure and cryptography. (source: IoTeX)

NKN has built the largest decentralized communications network since our mainnet launch in 2019. With over 77,700 communication servers running in 51 countries and regions, currently the NKN network is transporting 3 billion data packets every hour. And the best part of it? 99.99% of our communication servers are run by the community. The sheer scale as well as the significant community ownership makes NKN the true embodiment of the DePIN movement.

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