• NKN Annual Report 2022 | A New Era of Web 3.0 Communication
  • NKN sponsoring Binance Refer and Earn Campaign 
  • EthDenver Web 3.0 Infra & Middleware Side event 
  • New Article from NASCompare featuring nConnect
  • NKNx.org Mining Dashboard is back, and free for all!

Mainnet Status 

Latest Mainnet Stats Feb 28th, 2023:

  • 💻 59,459 full consensus nodes
  • 🌐 49 countries & regions
  • 📦 12,406,833,858 relays per hour
  • ⛓ 5,087,782 block height

The latest stable release for mainnet is v2.2.0


NKN Annual Report 2022 | A New Era of Web 3.0 Communication

We can agree that the year 2022 challenged us like no other.

Yet, it allowed us to see what we can do as a project and a community. Thanks to our solid Tech foundation and the profound dedication of our team and community, we kept progressing throughout this year.

NKN continues to grow in global coverage and reached 180,000 full consensus nodes on March 2022 spreading across over 56 countries and regions; Our mainnet experienced two significant updates to version 2.1.9, and our product nMobile is now in the newest version 1.4.0; We are exploring new ways in our marketing, hosting Twitter spaces and collaborating with Exchanges/projects to bring fun campaigns and events; NKN also welcomed new trading pairs and exchanges this year to provide better services to all of our supporters.

We are very grateful for all the love and support that made up our extraordinary journey, and we’re expecting 2023 to be even more exciting and fulfilling!

A full version of NKN Annual Report 2022 

NKN sponsoring Binance Refer and Earn Campaign

We are the first few projects to sponsor Binance’s new Lite Referral promo campaign this February! You can get a chance to win one of the 1,000 $8 gift cards pre-filled with NKN tokens from Binance!

Don’t worry if you’ve missed this one, we will have other promotions to come in the year 2023! So please don’t forget to follow us on our official Twitter @NKN_ORG if you still haven’t done that, and get fresh updates on our news and campaigns!

EthDenver “Web 3.0 Infra & Middleware” side event

EthDenver is coming! Together with our friends from EthStorage, Sentio, and Hyper Oracle, we are hosting a “Web 3 Infra & Middleware” Meetup on Friday March 3rd from 6 to 9 PM local time. 

There will be pioneers and veterans of the Web 3 field, founders of all the sponsoring projects, friends, developers, and community leaders from all over. And of course, there will be lightning talks, food, drinks, and music.

We are already sold out for all 500 tickets, but you can still join our waitlist! We hope to see you there, very soon!

Reserve your tickets now at our Eventbrite page.

New Article from NASCompare featuring nConnect

Now, who will reign supreme in this battle for the safest and fastest remote access for NAS users?

See what NASCompare has to say in this thorough review article based on his long trained experiences in using NAS devices.

And also enjoy the jaw-dropping 90% off coupon code to try out nConnect!

You can find more nConnect details and downloads on our official product page here

NKNx.org Mining Dashboard is back and free for all!

The beloved NKNx.org mining dashboard is back!

And yes free for all miners whether you have only 1 node or 100 nodes.

Thanks to the dedication of our community member @WizardOfCodez for making this happen, and NKN Foundation is very proud to sponsor the innovation and we will always be here to support our community.