NKN monthly report 12/2022 Highlights
– Kucoin x NKN x CertiK | Best Security Practices for Your Crypto
– Short Video series | Secret Key to All Your NKN Assets
– Scam alert: “NKN Broker” is a scam!
– Getting Ready for the NKN Annual Report 2022

NKN Monthly Report 10/2022
– NKN is now verified with the blue tick badge on CoinMarketCap
– A major revamp in dApp Surge, powered by the NKN network 
– Short Video series | NKN tokens and wallets for dummies
– 8 questions with NKN core developer Moore | IPFS gateway for nMobile
– Upcoming: SFBW22 after party with NKN, EthStorage, and Harmony Protocol