• NKN is now verified with the blue tick badge on CoinMarketCap
  • A major revamp in dApp Surge, powered by the NKN network 
  • Short Video series | NKN tokens and wallets for dummies
  • 8 questions with NKN core developer Moore | IPFS gateway for nMobile
  • SFBW22 after party with NKN, EthStorage, and Harmony Protocol

Mainnet Status 

Latest Mainnet Stats Oct 28th, 2022:

  • 💻 58,641 full consensus nodes
  • 🌐 47 countries & regions
  • 📦 17,099,832,882 relays per hour
  • ⛓ 4,633,887 block height

The latest stable release for mainnet is v2.1.9


NKN is now verified with the blue tick badge on CoinMarketCap!

We are now blue-ticked on CMC! 

As one of the earliest adopters of CoinMarketCap’s new functionalities, we’re experimenting with the newly introduced Community features together with CMC. 

Make sure to follow us in the CMC community and hit the star button to subscribe to NKN on the watchlist, so that you can stay tuned to what’s coming next for our project!

A Major Revamp in dApp Surge, powered by the NKN network

Surge, one of the most ambitious and exciting dApp built by our community team rule110 on the NKN network, is getting a major revamp!

If you don’t already know, Surge is a Peer-to-Peer file sharing client designed to utilize blockchain technologies to enable 100% anonymous file transfer. It is end-to-end encrypted, decentralized, and open source.

Meet Surge at getsurge.io and get a brand-new experience on file sharing!

Short Video Series | Understanding NKN tokens and wallets for dummies

Welcoming more new members to the NKN community, we’ve found that some rookies do have questions about our tokens and wallets. 

So here you are, two short video guides on how to differentiate our ERC-20 token and Mainnet token, also guiding you through creating your own wallet on your preferences (yes, we have all the choices from browser-based up to smartphones and desktops, covering iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS systems). 

These short videos are made to answer your questions in less than 1-2 minutes, if you like them please follow us on Twitter @NKN_ORG, or just hit the subscribe button on our YouTube Channel. We have loads more to come

8 Questions with NKN Core Developer Moore | IPFS Gateway for nMobile

Curious about how you can solve the storage needs of a Web3.0 chat App just like nMobile? 

Our NKN core developer Moore is here to lay down the whys of choosing IPFS, and guide you through how to set up an IPFS gateway for the NKN network. 

You can find his answers to 8 crucial questions in our official blog and have a more thorough step-by-step tutorial on our official forum.

SFBW22 In-Person After Party with NKN, EthStorage, and Harmony Protocol

Free bites, drinks, music, and a good crowd coming! 

Happy hour with NKN, EthStorage, and Harmony Protocol on “Building the Foundation for Future Web 3.0”! 

If you happen to be in SF or if you’re planning on joining the SFBW22, just come by Friday 4th November at 2051 Market St, we will be looking forward to seeing you around 6-9PM!

Make sure to grab your ticket on Eventbrite and register beforehand so that we know who we are expecting!

About NKN

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