In the second panel of Web 3.0 Tech Talk 2022, experts from major Web 3.0 infrastructure projects discuss about the challenges and rewards of mass adoption for Web 3.0 technology.

You can watch the replay on YouTube:


  • Larry Pang: Head of BD, IoTeX
  • Dietrich Ayala: IPFS Ecosystem Lead, Protocol Labs
  • Qi Zhou: Founder of QuarkChain & Web3Q
  • Yilun Zhang: CTO and Co-Founder of NKN

Moderator: Bruce Li, Co-Founder of NKN

General questions

  1. What are the “accessible” Apps or services from Web 3.0 technology?
  2. Is there any example of Web 3.0 technology that succeeded in mass implementation or helped in real productivity? Or could you talk a bit about what could be coming close?
  3. Any resistance from the old world against the New Web 3.0 era? And if so, how are we planning to mitigate/balance them? (browsers, DNS, cloud service, web hosting, app store)
  4. Recent voices say that “Web 3.0 technologies and their potential are over-glorified.”, what are your thoughts on this?
  5. Are any new opportunities offered to the general public from Web 3.0? 
  6. Is it possible to achieve whole remote life under Web 3.0 technologies?
  7. In Web 2.0, social networking media have recommendation algorithms sifting through our friends, favorite activities, or preferred content to feed us the “right” information. Now with Web 3.0, we are exposed to an even wider and freer range of information, however, we came to realize that people still need to filter or assemble “useful and relevant” content. Does this mean, we still need a certain algorithm or curator just as we did in Web 2.0? 
  8. As pioneer Web 3.0 project founders, what are the challenges you face while building up this new world?
  9. Are “access without permission” and “naturally occurring mutual trust” two main contributions of Web 3.0 technology to the real world? And how are they achieved? How much can we count on them?
  10. What are the differences between a protocol created on Web2.0, Web 3.0, and blockchain?
  11. Is Web 3.0 equivalent to blockchain? What is the relationship between Web 3.0 and blockchain?

Bruce’s questions

  1. Should people care if a social networking app is web 3.0 or web 2.0?
  2. Are there any popular web 3.0 apps? Are there any apps that have over 1 million DAU? MAU?
  3. Is Defi the only “successful” web 3.0 app?
  4. Will Meta/Facebook fully embrace web 3.0?
  5. What will google/amazon/Microsoft do, if they are threatened by web 3.0?
  6. Are there any apps you believe should absolutely be built by web 3.0 technology?
  7. IoTeX: do you see any killer apps connecting human, machine, and finance
  8. IPFS: what are the most popular web 3.0 apps on the IPFS ecosystem today?
  9. NKN: do you see any exciting opportunities for web 3.0 apps in networking and communication?
  10. Quarkchain/web3q: do you think Ethereum should build not only decentralized computing but also decentralized storage?


Closing question for panelists: When do you think your grandma/grandpa will start using web 3.0 apps? 2023, 2025, 2030?

Announcements; There will be two more panels coming next, so stay tuned!

And here is the link to the replay of the discussion: