The biggest little secret in DePIN As we head into a promising season for blockchain technology, a term is making rounds in the community — “DePIN Summer.” This term captures the burgeoning interest and innovative developments in the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN). At the forefront of this movement is NKN, leading the charge with […]

We released a new mainnet version v2.2.0 at This version adds a few major features including client authorization, client message cache, transaction pool sync. In addition, this version contains several performance optimization, bug fixes and security patches. Upgrade is highly recommended.

Transaction spamming, or Tx spamming, is one of the persistent security attacks on these high performance blockchains that can wreak havoc for extended periods of time. The attackers might or might not gain any financial benefit, but can certainly make everybody’s life quite miserable at relatively low cost.

In this article, we define what is transaction spamming, how to detect it, and how to deal with it. Recent examples from 4 leading projects were studied, as well as a best practice is summarized.