Cryptocurrency accounts for $6 billion of daily transactions in the current marketplace. Cryptocurrency is a growing industry that not everyone understands yet.

Learning how cryptocurrency mainnets works will help you get a piece of the market. 

Cryptocurrency profits grew by 2000% just in 2017. There are unlimited financial possibilities for those who know how to benefit. 

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about cryptocurrency mainnets. After reading you will have a good understanding of what they are and how they work. You can use this information to get a bite of the largest crowdsourced network.

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What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a term used to describe an alternative to traditional money used online. Users can make financial transactions online using these forms of currency. It gets its value from the supply and demand online.

Since they are online, it is not governed at all by any bank or government. 

What is Mainnet?

Mainnet is the term for the production version of your blockchain. Most blockchains will have a Mainnet and a Testnet.

The main functions include sending out a broadcast, verification of transactions, and recording. Without a mainnet, the cryptocurrency system would not work. 

How Cryptocurrency Mainnets Work

The mainnet is the programming software that will operate your blockchain. Think of it as a word processing program. When you open it you can type, save, print, and more. With a mainnet, you will be able to see, purchase, and use cryptocurrency. 

These programs can be very detailed and take time to develop. They may use a testnet to try out the program before launch. The testnet gives them a safe place to run tests and make adjustments. 

Mainnet Launch

A mainnet launch is a set time when the mainnet becomes public. It is the official start of a blockchain. This will open the project for transactions among users. This will only happen after several testnets and they are sure it is functioning well. 

Mainnet Swap

A mainnet swap happens when an old mainnet is replaced by a new one. The developers will give instructions on how to transfer any old cryptocurrencies. You can swap them to the new mainnet so you can still use them on the new system. 

Swaps can be difficult, to avoid losing your assets use support. If not done correctly it can result in losing all assets. Most developers offer support. You could also use someone with good knowledge of swaps. 

How Does Mainnet Affect Prices?

An investor in a cafe uses his phone and computer to monitor the value of cryptocurrency.
An investor in a cafe uses his phone and computer to monitor the value of cryptocurrency.

A mainnet gives value to a blockchain project because it shows it is functional. It lets an investor know that the project has gone from an idea to a live working project. 

Having a successful launch doesn’t predict how successful the project will be though. Mainnet is only one aspect of the value of cryptocurrency. It can give you some insight into the success of the project but not the complete picture.

Key Elements of Cryptocurrency Prices

There are four main elements to look at when you are trying to decide if a project will be successful. The price of the cryptocurrency can fluctuate but prices rely on the following:

Supply and Demand

Supply and demand are a very simple process. The more in-demand your cryptocurrency and less in supply the higher the prices. Review the popularity or demand of the currency and how hard it is to get it.


Mining is the process of getting cryptocurrencies validated and added to the blockchain. The harder it is to mine the higher the prices will be. If it is too easy to mine, then there will be a lot of competition for mining and drive up your supply. 

Politics and Legal

Two people with laptops and paper go over the legal policies of cryptocurrency.
Two people with laptops and paper go over the legal policies of cryptocurrency.

Consider your location and the current politics and legal policies on cryptocurrencies. In many places, it is not regulated at all but in other places, it is banned. If there is too much regulation it could affect the prices of the currency.

Functionality and Mainnet

As we mentioned above, the mainnet is a key aspect for determining prices. A project with a good functional mainnet is important to get a good price for your currency. Without a functional mainnet your project will fail.

The better the mainnet function the more demand there may be. 

Should I Invest in a Project Without a Mainnet?

The mainnet is an important aspect of a project but not all projects have one set up before seeking investors. The project may seek investments to fund the setup of the project. This could include the costs of creating a mainnet. 

Not having a mainnet doesn’t mean that the project will not succeed. It may be a riskier investment though. Without seeing the project function properly, you are risking that it may not ever launch. Look at past projects and the skill set of the project developers to determine if it’s a good risk.

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Why is Mainnet Important to Me?

Thinking about investing in or buying cryptocurrency is a big decision. Having a good understanding of how cryptocurrency mainnets work will help you choose a good project.

Consider the information above to find a successful blockchain for your investment. Want to incorporate cryptocurrency into your own business? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.