NKN Staking Special: Enjoy Up to 63.79% Rewards Rates and Share 450,000 NKN! Binance Staking has launched NKN Locked Staking. Stake your NKN from 2022–06–24 at 12:00 (UTC) to earn multiple rewards. For more details, please check Binance announcement https://www.binance.com/en/support/announcement/21fd08048e1647f2bacd4942262446f0 Risk Warning: Digital asset prices can be volatile. The value of your investment can go down or […]

On March 25th 2021, NKN founding team did an AMA with Binance English community covering questions from the positioning of NKN project, technology, partnership, commercial potential, community development and many other topics. There are over 25,000 active audiences and the AMA lasted 2 hours (30 minutes overtime) due to the enthusiastic responses. Here are the transcripts.

Join us on 25 March 🗓  at 2:00 PM⌚️UTC for an AMA in the Binance English Telegram group with NKN’s founders, Yanbo, Bruce and Yilun! $3,000 USD worth of $NKN tokens to be won, so don’t miss out and save the date! Date: Thursday March 25th Time: 2PM UTC (7AM US Pacific, 10PM Beijing/Singapore) 🏆Get […]

Highlights Introducing D-Chat: A server-less, secure and private chat for individuals and groups 1-click images on Google, Amazon and DigitalOcean updated to mainnet v1.1.1 500,000 NKN Special community award for nknx Blockchain Tech Talk at Tsinghua University New AMAs with Binance Malaysia and Thailand Communities Binance AMA Highlights Published NKN Inspired Graphics New NKNxVault community […]

Highlights Listing on Binance Binance Community Coin Vote Winner! 10 AMAs Completed NETNIC Sign Commercial Contract for nCDN NKN releases new Mainnet v1.1.1-beta New Videos available on NKN YouTube Channel T-Rex Runner Game Anniversary for nknX Mainnet technical development updates Latest Mainnet Stats October 14th, 2019: 🌐 46 countries 🏭 238 ISPs or cloud providers […]

NKN team has delivered almost all the Binance AMA rewards. There are over 4,000 winners across 8 Binance telegram groups, and the reward range from 14.5 NKN to 5,625 NKN. The NKN team overcame all obstacles, and worked overtime during the already busy voting period, in order to deliver the rewards to everyone (when possible) […]

There are some categorically false accusations from the VIDY management team against Binance, NKN, and the voting process for the Binance Community Coin Vote. Here are NKN team’s official statements: The reasons we believe NKN won overwhelming majority vote are: NKN is a well established project with broad-based and loyal community support harnessed over 22 […]