June 17th, 2019 Why Since its debut in late August 2018, our public testnet has grown to over 12,000 nodes globally in June, 2019. That is more than Bitcoin or Ethereum in terms of full consensus nodes. Thanks to our community for supporting the new kind of Internet, making it stable, performant, and secure. Since […]

NKN testnet v0.5 Koala is officially released today, marking the completion of another key milestone on our roadmap. Since the v0.3 Lemur release two months ago, NKN development team have made the following major achievements: Developed and improved the NKN core software for quality and scalability: re-wrote the entire network layer which is released as […]

Today we are extremely excited to announce the on-schedule release of Testnet V0.3 Lemur, another key milestone in technical development by the NKN team. In this version, both functionality and performance of NKN’s system have been substantially strengthened . Lemur key highlights: Expanded testnet to over one thousand nodes globally and validated the core functions under […]