The current internet has got some serious issues!

After years of transmutation, the Internet is in danger of losing its original vision and spirit. For example, Network Neutrality is overturned; spectrum and bandwidth are not efficiently utilized; information is fragmented and can be censored; and privacy protection is limited. These signal that the network needs a reform.

Existing solutions are not suitable for next generation blockchain systems because they:

  • Utilize a centralized approach to improve efficiency.
  • Sacrifice the scalability of the network to speed up consensus.
  • Limit participation rate of nodes or require authorization to increase “security”.
  • Use purely financial motivations or trusted third parties to solve problems which should be solved by mathematics and technology
The Client-Server model is expensive, complex, and prone to failure and attack
Today, most communications need to go through a centralized server, where it can be blocked or sabotaged, hacked into, or eavesdropped on.
Inefficient network utilization results a in waste of resources

The current Internet was designed for peak traffic but most of the time these networks are underutilized, wasting unused bandwidth every second.
Centralization of blockchain systems diminish trust

Many large Internet projects use centrally controlled servers to quickly aggregate information and keep it accessible. This reduces the confidence in the solution and the security of the visitor.

The aim of NKN is to solve all of these problems by providing a decentralized solution with blockchain technology, and a state of the art network topology based on Cellular Automata. How do we achieve that? Take a deep dive and check out our solution!