A deep dive into the New Kind of Network

You probably already know that our Internet has some definitive problems when it comes to structure, utilization and centralization. Let us introduce you to the main three solutions NKN has developed to solve the problems of the current Internet 2.0 that we use today.

Structure: Consensus via Proof of Relay (PoR)

NKN designed signature chain as a proof of relay for nodes along the route. This allows a level of secure data transmission that is not only verifiable, but also impossible to tamper with or forge, and is resistant to attacks.

Utilization: Decentralized Data Transmission Network

NKN maintains dynamic topology and routing based on Chord Distributed Hash Table for millions of nodes and clients, who can join and leave at any time. Unique NKN addresses are used to identify nodes and clients, providing an overlay on top of TCP/IP. Data can be transmitted between any clients efficiently, and without centralized servers.

Decentralization: MOCA - a highly scalable consensus

NKN designed a highly scalable consensus algorithm called Major Vote Cellular Automata (MOCA) which is based on a Cellular Automata and Ising model, and has implemented it in our next generation blockchain and peer-to-peer network across millions of nodes.

NKN in our daily life

If you don’t want to mess around with the theoretical stuff above, and just want to know what NKN can do in your everyday life, then checkout our NKN introduction video!

You still need more information and an in depth look? Then checkout our whitepaper and essays section! Everything is available in multiple languages.