NKN Partner Map NKN has long since believed that networking is the missing link in offering a fully decentralized internet and a modern Web 3.0 stack. However, networking alone cannot provide all the resources needed for modern internet applications. That is why, we at NKN have strategically partnered with companies in key areas to collaborate and […]

San Mateo, CA (July 29th, 2019) NKN and Taxa Network are pleased to announce a collaboration to bring together decentralized network and trusted compute (TEE) to enable a new breed of high-performance, trustless applications and services. This strategic partnership will allow NKN to integrate Taxa’s compute environment and smart contract platform on NKN’s global P2P […]

Portal Network x NKN partnership Portal Network and NKN (New Kind of Network) have signed a strategic partnership agreement to build the NKN Name Service (NKN). This is our dedication to enhance and provide a seamless blockchain environment for NKN users. About this Partnership Portal Network has been constantly working on Blockchain Name Services (BNS) […]