Portal Network x NKN partnership

Portal Network and NKN (New Kind of Network) have signed a strategic partnership agreement to build the NKN Name Service (NKN). This is our dedication to enhance and provide a seamless blockchain environment for NKN users.

About this Partnership

Portal Network has been constantly working on Blockchain Name Services (BNS) governed by smart contract on multiple blockchain protocols. Our partnership with NKN signifies our effort in bringing a better user experience that can bridge to a wider user adoption. Portal Network and NKN will be working closely to build several products that will support the NNS (NKN Name Service) feature, including marketplace, extension, KAIZEN, and more. These product suites will help both regular users and developers to use, create and experience decentralized applications. As a concrete first step, NKN SDK is already integrated with KAIZEN at this partnership launch.

What is NKN

NKN is a peer to peer networking protocol powered by sharing economy that enables individuals and carriers to trade unused bandwidth, and applications to send data directly to each other without centralized servers. Just like how Ethereum work as a decentralized operating system, and IPFS (filecoin) work as a decentralized file storage, NKN will focus on decentralizing the network resource in order to fully utilize its maximum capacity. NNS will be an essential component for the development of NKN.

What is NNS (NKN Name Service)

NNS is a domain name service deployed on top of NKN blockchain. This naming service will be governed by smart contract in order to transform the default complicated blockchain addresses on NKN into human-readable text such as ‘yourname.nkn’. By deploying this naming standard, users can transfer and manage their digital assets on NKN with easy and straightforward names, which could largely decrease the probability of human error that we are facing in most of the blockchain services.

Furthermore, NNS could be implemented with other extensible features such as binding the contracts deployed on NKN with ‘yourcontract.nkn’, and viewing IPFS-hosted Dwebs at ‘yourwebsite.nkn’, allowing users and developers to have a frictionless process in using and deploying blockchain related services. We believe by implementing NNS into NKN, we could enhance the overall user experience, hence, foster the growth of NKN ecosystem.

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