On May 26, 2021, 11AM US East time, NKN and Wolfram Research successfully held a research conference on distributed consensus and cellular automata. This event has attracted more than 600 real-time audiences on YouTube, Zoom and Twitch with an amazing speaker lineup including Dr. Stephen Wolfram (Author of “A New Kind of Science’’, Chief Designer of Mathematica and Wolfram Language and Wolfram Alpha), Dr. Yilun Zhang (CTO of NKN) and other guests from internationally renowned universities and crypto projects such as Boston University, IOTA, AVA Labs, etc.

by NKN CTO Yilun Zhang We released a new version v1.1.1-beta. This is a major release that introduced various features, security updates, and performance optimization. Feature highlights: Database: Implement state pruning that can greatly reduce ChainDB size by removing unused states. State pruning is still be beta phase and is not enabled by default. You […]

a fast, scalable, and easy-to-use p2p overlay network stack (used by NKN) https://github.com/nknorg/nnet nnet is a fast, scalable, and easy-to-use network stack for decentralized and distributed systems. This is one of the four core components of NKN, now modularized and released as a separate top level repository. It handles message delivery, topology maintenance, etc in […]