• NKN completes Coinbase Earn Campaign
  • What’s new on nConnect: remote desktop between Mac and PC
  • Coinbase adding $EUR and $GBP fiat pairs for $NKN 
  • NKN mainnet v2.1.7 introduces fast and light sync 
  • NKN & Gitcoin GR11 Hackathon Winners and Prizes announced!

Mainnet technical development updates

Latest Mainnet Stats November 2, 2021:

  • 💻 92,111 full consensus nodes
  • 🌐 56 countries & regions

The latest stable release for mainnet is v2.1.7


NKN Completes Coinbase Earn Campaign

Following our listing on Coinbase this April, we are super excited to collaborate with Coinbase again by launching our Coinbase Earn Campaign on October 6th! Our team has always been keen to introduce NKN to newcomers of our community and educate them about  the huge potential of our project.  We are very proud to see so many participants indeed enjoying our specific Earn campaign! 

Due to extremely popular demand, the Coinbase Earn NKN campaign was completed within 2 days after all budgeted tokens were distributed. Missed this one? don’t worry! We will have more Learn and Earn campaigns coming in for the next season! Just stay tuned!

What’s new on nConnect: remote desktop between Mac and PC

nConnect is a revolutionary solution for remote access/control that still has so much potential yet to be discovered by all of our users. Here we have something new for you to consider: a remote desktop between Mac and PC.

Watch our Tutorial on YouTube on how to use nConnect and open source rust desk to achieve remote desktop in the most secure and easy way:

Or read our Forum tutorial post:


Coinbase  adding $EUR and $GBP fiat pairs for $NKN

Supporting our vibrant European community, we are very proud to announce that Coinbase has added $EUR and $GBP fiat pairs for $NKN. From October 19th 2021, order books are now in full-trading mode. Limit, market and stop orders are now available to all users!

NKN Mainnet v2.1.7 Release introduces fast and light sync

We released two significant updates in our new mainnet version v2.1.7 at https://github.com/nknorg/nkn/releases. In this version we are introducing two new sync modes: fast sync and light sync.

  • Fast sync works as node will sync the same full block history as before, but with a much faster speed by syncing the state trie directly. This will speed up the initial blockchain sync up substantially.
  • Light sync mode, node will only sync headers of the old blocks without transactions. This will dramatically reduce the disk storage requirement for NKN light sync nodes.

For more detailed information about the two new sync modes and how to enable them, please read:


NKN & Gitcoin GR11 Hackathon winners and prizes announced!

To spur greater developer adoption for Web 3.0, NKN was proud to be a core sponsor of Gitcoin GR11 hackathon from September 8th to 29th 2021. We are very honored to work with so many talented participants and extremely impressed by the quality and diversity of submissions by over 30 ambitious developers/teams.

Our winners and prizes are unveiled on October 15th, with showcases of their amazing works still updating on our official blog and Twitter!

Winner Announcement:

Winner showcase #1 Riddle: A collaborative whiteboard web App powered by NKN 

Winner showcase #2 nRide: A decentralized Uber-like service powered by NKN 

Winner showcase #3: NKN Special NFT Collection

There are still more to come, Stay tuned!

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