NKN – Gitcoin GR11 Hackathon Winner Showcase #3

Following two innovative dApps Riddle and nRide in our previous sessions, NKN is ready to present you with some real FUN and ART! As expected, our charming community participants never fail to surprise you with a whopping 12 submissions for the NKN Special NFT Collection.

Now, if you’re ready, let’s dig in to these beautiful masterpieces together:

NKN special Card – @artipedia 

A collection of cards made with NKN’s signature brand color and Logo, with each card corresponding to our unique advantages.

$NKN Treasury – @oldmantom-nkn 

A special collection of $NKN coins, consisting of three metallic and one glass medallions bathing under a beautiful beam of light.

NKN special NFT card collection – @the-hack-god

A special collection of animated cards referring to the mission of NKN, our community, our developers and our partners. Remember those pokemon cards that you used to crazily crave when you were a kid? Here’s the NKN one!

These NKN special NFT collections are now available on:


About GR11 hackathon

As a proud sponsor of the Gitcoin GR11 hackathon that ran from September 8-29 2021, NKN aims to empower developers to master the future of Web 3.0 development. Throughout the hackathon, we received submissions from over 30 creative developers/teams all over the world. It was our greatest pleasure to work with so many talents, a huge thanks to you all!

You can find here the winners of our 11 bounties.

About NKN

NKN is the new networking infrastructure built for Web 3.0 and  the decentralized Internet. Already built the world’s largest blockchain network with over 100,000 full consensus nodes globally, NKN aspires to be the indispensable peer to peer networking protocol for all consumer and enterprise applications.  NKN encourages Internet users to share their bandwidth and network connections through economic incentives, so everyone can have faster, cheaper, and more secure Internet connections. 

For more information about NKN and our team, please visit: https://nkn.org