• ASUSTOR x NKN Twitter Campaign Winner announced!
  • NKN MainNet v2.1.9 release
  • NKN Foundation Community Special Award 2021 goes to nPool!
  • Short video series | nMobile Burn after reading

Mainnet Status 

Latest Mainnet Stats July 27th, 2022:

  • 💻 30,619 full consensus nodes
  • 🌐 47 countries & regions
  • 📦 3,932,026,740 relays per hour
  • ⛓ 4,282,882 block height

The latest stable release for mainnet is v2.1.9


ASUSTOR x NKN Twitter Campaign Winner announced!

We have launched a weekly Twitter Campaign with ASUSTOR upon nConnect’s global market   release. A big thank you to all the participants for their comments and feedback on nConnect with ASUSTOR’s NAS devices shared on their retweets!  We are happy to announce the three winners picked by a lucky draw and we’ve prepared an ASUSTOR NAS device for the first prize winner and traffic of up to 480 GB for the other two winners! 

follow us on Twitter if you didn’t yet, and stay tuned for more reward campaigns!

NKN MainNet v2.1.9 release 

We’ve released a new Mainnet v2.1.9 at https://github.com/nknorg/nkn/releases. This updated version introduces a new txn fee priority mechanism based on fee per size. In addition, NKN MainNet v2.1.9 includes performance optimizations, bug fixes, and security patches. An immediate upgrade is strongly recommended.

For details about how to upgrade: https://forum.nkn.org/t/nkn-mainnet-v2-1-9-release/4802

NKN Foundation Community Special Award 2021 goes to nPool!

This sizzling summer, NKN Foundation Community Special Award goes to nPool, an easy and secure NKN mining pool! Huge congratulations to the whole team, and of course a prize of 100,000 NKN tokens is on its way to the nPool developers

We cannot reinforce more than our community means so much to us, and we are so blessed to have all the talented developers supporting us, developing with NKN!

Join our community on Discord, Telegram, or through Github, the next community award could be yours!

To learn more about nPool or its developers: https://nkn.org/community/blog/nkn-foundation-community-special-award-2022-goes-to-npool/

Short Video Series | nMobile Burn After Reading

Burn after reading, another notable privacy feature that you will find in the newer versions of our nMobile secure chat App. With nMobile, you’ll be able to set disappearing messages to keep your chat history private and safe. If the setting is done right, your message will disappear just as magic from everyone’s devices after the timer has elapsed. 

Poof! gone with the wind, and your concerns!

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