In this sizzling summer, NKN Foundation Community Special Award is coming! This season, our grand prize goes to nPool, an easy and secure NKN mining pool. To honor the dedication and contribution of our community developers who built this amazing tool, a prize of 100,000 NKN tokens will be awarded to the nPool team!

As the name suggests, nPool is a beginner-friendly mining pool focusing on NKN node mining. It provides a simple, fast, and secure way to run a few or many NKN mining nodes, with no requirement of any developer experience or a node wallet. Anything you’d like to keep an eye on, including node status, relay data, and daily income, are all clear within one dashboard. In addition, nPool users can withdraw their NKN mining rewards at any time, and there were 10,000 free node wallets for the early birds. 

Within a week from its launch, nPool has already reached more than 10,000 active access nodes, with a steady stream of daily income for each node. nPool removes the mining randomness out of miners’ worry, removing one more obstacle for new and experienced miners alike. 

“The purpose of nPool is to serve miners and help them get a stable income. We are honored to work with the NKN project team to build the NKN ecosystem.” the team confidently stated when asked about their motivation to create nPool.

“nPool has been supported by a great number of miners since the launch. We will continue to optimize our user experience and system security. At the same time, we are integrating with the API of major cloud platforms to provide a one-click deployment and installation service and make it easier for miners to use nPool.

Web3 is developing rapidly. We believe there will be a position for NKN and nPool in the future!”

NKN CTO Yilun Zhang also commented after trying nPool: “nPool dramatically reduces the uncertainty of mining rewards for individual miners. With the help of nPool, a miner can get stable and predictable mining rewards even if he is running an NKN node on his raspberry PI. By making mining rewards and experiences more friendly to individual miners, nPool could help NKN to become an even more decentralized network infrastructure for web3.”


If you are interested in NKN mining, why not give nPool a try?