Mainnet Status 

Latest Mainnet Stats April 27th, 2022:

  • 💻 118,471 full consensus nodes
  • 🌐 48 countries & regions

The latest stable release for mainnet is v2.1.8


SWFT added support for NKN mainnet and NKN ERC-20 token swap

As we’ve promised, our team always aims to make trading and swapping easier for our community. Our miners are looking for new ways to easily acquire the initial 10 NKN Mainnet tokens to start a node, as well as easier liquidity for their mined NKN mainnet tokens. Users of NKN’s value-added services need NKN mainnet tokens to pay for data traffic.

And here we are, with SWFT swap adding support for NKN mainnet and ERC20 token. Start to swap NKN swiftly between mainnet and ERC-20, or swap with USDT and other hundreds of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and GameFi items today, within just a few clicks on the SWFT blockchain.

Try it now at 


nLearning | Web3.0 example : nMobile secure chat

With much news and buzz about Web 3.0, ever wondered what actually can Web 3.0 bring to the table? 

With all the security and privacy breaches reported on existing messaging Apps, ever got curious about what’s the next App to turn to for secure communication?

We’ve got our nMobile for you, with a nLearning article to explain easily and simply. 

Find out all you need to know for a secure and private Web 3.0 messaging App here:

nConnect | Keep up the productivity and security in a remote working age

Remote work is persisting and hybrid working is the new trend.

Now might be the very right time to equip ourselves with the right remote access and control service. All the fearful concerns and potential risks of remote practices such as data breaches, and productivity deficiency could be solved with NKN’s nConnect

nConnect should be one of your best choices made today, to ensure security, productivity, and efficiency.

Take a minute or two with our nLearning article to learn more about nConnect:

NKN Short video series | The approach to NKN Technology

More episodes are coming up in our new short video series!

Tired of reading articles? Want something quick and simple? 

We’ve prepared some more short videos explaining our uniqueness within 30 seconds.

NKN’s MOCA consensus algorithm – scales to billions of nodes

NKN focuses on security and privacy

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Upcoming – Launch of NKN’s new style guide

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