Remote working, more commonly known as WFH (Work From Home) is definitely not a new concept anymore. Since the 1980s, we have observed a steady growth in the number of remote workers and entrepreneurs that decide to normalize WFH as their routine. 

Supported by the rising tide of technology development, and boosted by the unexpected epidemic of COVID-19, this concept that we once took for granted is once again under the spotlight. Numerous Tech companies turned to the help of remote working, with some even permanently adopting WFH as a standard routine[1][2]. And of course, there comes a demand for products and solutions to support the coming remote working age[3]

Gallup Panel on remote work rate among U.S White-collar employees, signaling the return-to-office plans remains on hold
Gallup Panel on remote work rate among U.S White-collar employees, signaling the return-to-office plans remains on hold

Then this raises a fresh concern: how to choose the right products to gear up for this remote working age? How to ensure both productivity and security to maximize the benefits while minimizing risks in this new millennium?

Potential risks in remote practices

It is a piece of cake to list the benefits of remote working. Don’t try to deny it, it’s not a secret that everyone’s happy being away from the traffic, the office, and maybe the colleagues. 

Potential risks of working from home
Potential risks of working from home

However,  being not onsite means you are away from your important business/personal data and services that are crucial to completing your work. You need to get them remotely, and these connections or accesses could be “catastrophic” if done in the wrong way or with the wrong tool. 

The most fearful potential risk in remote practice is data breaches. And unfortunately, we are forced to familiarize ourselves with it in the past few years, as there have been numerous major and minor security breach incidents that include but are not limited to sensitive information, personally identifiable information, intellectual properties, and trade secrets. 

These data leaks range from YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Microsoft and so many more platforms and organizations that we rely on in this Technology age.

Therefore, we need to take information security even more seriously when it comes to remote work/lifestyle.

Why is nConnect the ultimate solution to secure and private remote access?

Security for remote access
Security for remote access

Now you might be wondering: “Yes, I have acknowledged the biggest fear of remote access. What’s next? Where’s the answer?”

Here comes in nConnect, a Web3.0 resolution for the most secure and reliable remote access and control. It is designed with a unique combination of guaranteed security, fast speed, and affordability. It solves all three problems simultaneously:

  1. Keeping all the data safe and sound – we all have trust issues, yes we do. The only “comfort zone” for our data and sensitive business information is at our own house or office. With nConnect, there’s no need to pre-upload any of these to a cloud or 3rd party server to enable the later remote access or control service. Just keep them secret, away from predators, in your own physical place, as they should be.
  2. Secure access from anywhere at any time – with NKN’s unique NKN address and global meshed network architecture, which are the foundations of nConnect, no public IP address or open ports are needed for you to access your file, and Apps. That means you can access or control all your data from anywhere at any time while they are locked safe at your house/office behind a router/gateway/firewall. 
  3. One single connection makes it all – with more connections, comes more risks. nConnect shut down these potential security leaks from the start. You can access all home/office servers and devices within one secure connection. 

Keeping up the productivity of a remote work

With our “insecurities” on remote practice solved, it’s time to worry about other concerns that we might need to consider while gearing up for the remote working pattern.

Keeping up productivity for remote work
Keeping up productivity for remote work

Time is money and productivity is one of the essential factors that we value in work life. It is more than usual that uploading files takes centuries and sending or accessing data are extremely time-consuming and tedious. And by the way, the process of going through a cloud makes your sensitive data vulnerable, ready to be attacked by any hacker out hunting.

nConnect cares about your time. By using high-quality nConnect tunneling servers, it provides a remote experience with high speed and low latency. A file transfer using nConnect aggregate multiple concurrent paths is significantly faster than existing cloud file systems such as iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Still, worrying about a possible breakdown or mishap? The NKN network that stands behind pledges extra reliability for nConnect’s remote access/control service. 

With a network of over 100,000 servers covering up to 60 countries and regions around the world, a promise is made that there are always several good quality nConnect tunneling servers available for you. 

Also, One more thing before we close up, nConnect is simple to set up with easy integration. This is a remote access resolution that can be ready within 3 minutes of setting up with no need to use any 3rd party SDK to rewrite any of your Apps. If your App works on your local private network, then it will work over nConnect without any additional configuration. 

Prepared to step into the remote working age

Stepping into the remote working age
Stepping into the remote working age

Remote work is persisting and trending permanently. It is not surprising that a hybrid lifestyle is at our doorstep, where remote working will be taking more parts in our daily life and work balance. 

At the same time, we are becoming more aware of the importance of sensitive information and private data. 

Now might be the right time to equip ourselves with the right remote access and control service not only from a personal perspective but also in terms of business interest. nConnect should be one of your best choices made today, to ensure security, productivity, and efficiency.

nConnect is now available in macOS, iOS, Android, and APK Download; Or simply visit to learn more about it.