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Our Mission

An indispensable Web 3.0 Infrastructure for connecting people and things, built by all and made for all.

Every successful innovation lies behind seemingly unrealistically ambitious goals, yet we are here to set the bold missions to bring the all-encompassing future Internet to life.

We want a truly decentralized network, where surveillance and spying become obsolete tales from the past. 

We want an authenticated and efficient network that provides aggregated high speed with low latency.

We want a network that is genuinely built and owned by people, tailored for them, and powered by economic incentives for every contribution. 

A few words from the founders

We can all agree that the year 2022 challenged us like no other. An unabating pandemic that claimed millions of lives around the world. Social and economic instabilities that preyed upon every living human being. And a few unexpected wrecks from the crypto world that shattered people’s faith in the industry. 

Yet, it allowed us to see what we are capable of, both as a team and as a community. Thanks to our solid Tech foundation, consistently high quality of implementation, and the profound dedication of all our team members and community members from all over the world, we kept progressing throughout this year.

Now we are utterly prepared for the coming year of 2023, excited to deliver a powerful network and a rich portfolio of services more than ever. 

Global coverage and remarkable statistics

As the World’s largest blockchain, YES, we broke our own record once again. In March 2022, the NKN network reached over 180,000 full consensus nodes spread across 56 countries and regions. It was the most significant number we have ever seen till now but could be exceeded in the future.

We are listed on 12 major exchanges, including Coinbase, Binance, Huobi, Upbit, Crypto.com, Gate.io, Uniswap, Bittrex, Kucoin, WazirX, Bitvavo, and SWFT. 

Technology advancement and developer community

Our mainnet had two major updates in 2022. One at the very beginning of this year v2.1.8, and the other in July to the latest version 2.1.9.

The latest 2.1.9 version introduces a new txn fee priority mechanism based on a fee per size. And of course, with performance optimization, bug fixes, and security patches. 

nPool is a beginner-friendly mining pool focusing on NKN node mining. It provides a simple, fast, and secure way to run a few or many NKN mining nodes, with no requirement for any developer experience or a node wallet.

Within a week of its launch, nPool has already reached more than 10,000 active access nodes, with a steady stream of daily income for each node. nPool has already received the prestigious annual NKN Foundation Community Special Award.

Surge, one of the most ambitious and exciting dApp built by our community team rule110 on the NKN network, is getting a major revamp to version 1.1!

Surge is a Peer-to-Peer file sharing client designed to utilize blockchain technologies to enable 100% anonymous file transfer. It is end-to-end encrypted, decentralized, and open source.

Product milestones


Built to be the most trusted Chat App in the world, nMobile is now updated to the newest version of 1.4.0 this November. 

This latest version of our nMobile, with enhanced features, optimized experiences, and improved network connection, is the sophistication of a secure, decentralized, and anonymous messenger tool that is meant to enlighten the future of communication. 

nMobile utilizes IPFS for storing media and large files, therefore utilizing the best Web 3.0 infrastructure both in networking (NKN) and storage (IPFS). Setting up one’s own IPFS gateway on the NKN network is something people have shown lots of interest in, therefore we provided a tutorial in our forum.

Don’t be average, embrace the new way of secure communication with nMobile, sooner the merrier as it is said. 


nConnect is definitely a product with endless potential. 

With the devotion (or say just experimenting out of fun) of our developers and community members, they’ve come up with ways for nConnect to work with Apple Time Machine, reverse proxy, and map the entire local IP network. With each combination granting you a surprise feature that nConnect offers, there has been a serious debate within our team about calling nConnect ‘a’ product could be quite impolite and inappropriate.

If you are interested in remote access solutions that are secure and private, you should consider nConnect as your first choice. You can find us in the app stores of Synology, Asustor, and QNAP, as well as in the iOS, Android, and APK packages on our official product page

Marketing and community events

1. Twitter space

We are definitely one of the early adopters to venture into Twitter’s new voice chat feature Twitter space. And thanks to all the good friends and partners who came over as guests and speakers, we had so much fun playing with our new means of communication, reaching out to our existing followers, holders, and beyond our supporters-to-be.

A special thanks to all the good friends and partners from IPFS, IoTex, Filecoin, Bluzelle, EthStorage, Quarkchain, Harmony, CertiK, and Kucoin.

All panels are informative yet approachable, with diversified choices of popular topics:

What Makes Web 3.0 Trustworthy?

Is Web 3.0 Finally Contributing to the Real World?

Web 3.0 Pioneers | Future of Storage

Web 3.0 Pioneers | Kucoin x NKN x CertiK Security Best Practices for Your Crypto

2. Twitter Giveaway Campaign (nConnect click stats picture, increase percentage) 

Together with our NAS partners ASUSTOR and QNAP, we held 3 giveaway campaigns in January, July, and September. With first prize up to one latest NAS device and almost a year’s worth of nConnect data package, we see a significant positive increase in the number of nConnect downloads/usage in these months.

3. Short video series

How to explain our technologies and products in a beginner-friendly and delightful way has always been quite a task. And this year, we decided to try a short video series to try and crack this hard nut. 

In this series, we kept the video length within a minute, using illustrations and memes to explain any NKN-related topics covering our infrastructure, underlying technology, products, and communities. 

4. CoinMarketCap verified

As first-tier projects verified by the CoinMarketCap (CMC) portal, we are now on its new feature Community and officially blue-ticked! Come and check NKN’s updates, press the star button to add us to your watchlist, and don’t forget to hit follow. 

5. New NKN Style guide

A new NKN branding guide with updated Logos, gradients, colors, themes, print layouts, stationary, and literature made its debut in May. With our devoted designer Imran Chaudhry, we dug through the inspiration of NKN through emotive such as nature, evolution, organic network, connection, ecosystem, global, privacy, and simplicity. 

6. Mid-year AMA

The NKN team sincerely values our community, and we always stayed candid, true, and open to our members. An exclusive AMA is one of the events that we can offer to cover our project’s and team’s updates and answer possible questions from our developers, holders, and supporters. 

This year, our one-hour AMA Live is fully packed with exciting new directions and juicy bites to expect in the future.

7. SFBW After-party

Getting on the heat wave brought by San Francisco Blockchain Week, NKN hosted an after-party with our fellow friends EthStorage and Harmony to welcome more friends and interested parties to join for an offline meeting. 

Over 200 tickets were reserved and we were met with so many colleagues and new companions that inspired exciting ideas and innovative visions.

Business and customer development

The NKN team always aims to make trading and swapping easier for our community. For our miners, easy swap between NKN mainnet and ERC-20 is a priority. In 2022, we are happy to team up with SWFT to support a seamless swap of NKN tokens between two formats, as well as with any other cryptocurrencies (such as USDT/USDC stable coins).

In addition, gate.io also added support for NKN Mainnet tokens in 2022. Gate.io was the first exchange to support NKN tokens in 2018. And right now gate.io supports both ERC-20 and Mainnet NKN tokens.

This year a new trading pair of NKN/BUSD is open on Binance, the world’s largest exchange. 

NKN is available to trade against major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and USDT. Also, NKN has trading pairs in many other fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, GPB, JPY…etc on Coinbase, crypto.com, and Bitvaro. You can check all the available trading pairs and exchanges on CoinMarketCap.

We’re continuing to increase the number of platforms that support our Mainnet token holders, for better trading experience and choices. 

A year beyond expectation

In the past year of 2022, we continued to grow and soared to new heights. This progress would not be possible without the extraordinary work of our team and staff, as well as the dedication and support of all our community members. We could not express our gratitude enough but to fulfill our mission by providing exciting technologies and exceptional services in the upcoming year. 

Vision of 2023

NKN is authentic to our inspirations and ambitions. Our network is the true manifestation of our mission – A network built by all and built for all. We look to nMobile as the cynosure that will lead us toward a new era of secure communication. We will expand this true serverless communication beyond NKN and support all web 3.0 and web 2.0 identities and platforms, into something we call a “Universal Communication Service”. We will eventually thrive on connecting nomads’ land on the planet, through satellites, and eventually, get to the stars.  

Thank you all for this whole year of an extraordinary journey, with love and support. We look forward to many more years of building, creating, delivering, connecting, and communicating, together.