On August 26th 2022, NKN founders hosted a mid-year AMA with community over Twitter Space. If you missed the one-hour live event that is packed with exciting new directions (satellite Internet, Universal Name Service) and juicy bits, here are the recordings:

Topics covered during the one-hour AMA

Products and technology

  • Mainnet status and roadmap (including security enhancements)
  • nMobile status and roadmap (ipfs, private group, stability)
  • nConnect status and roadmap (UDP, tier-1 vendors, TrueNAS, Home Assistant, HomeKit) 
  • Community projects: Surge, nPool, nRide
  • Mining update

Business development

  • Plans for more exchanges? (Kraken/Gemini, Japan/Korea)
  • Binance staking and referral
  • SWFT swap between NKN mainnet/ERC-20 and other crypto
  • Gate.io now supports both ERC-20 and mainnet NKN
  • Coinbase and multiple fiat currency support (bitvaro, crypto.com)

Marketing and community

  • CoinMarketCap (CMC) Cryptown and upcoming marketing collaborations
  • Upcoming Web 3.0 tech talk 2022 series with several major Web 3.0 projects over Twitter Space
  • Updated Official Style Guide for a better understanding and consistency of the NKN ecosystem 

Future directions and roadmap

  • Starlink and satellite internet with new incentives
  • Universal name service (Use ENS/ETH/Bitcoin/Whatsapp/email to send messages)
  • When EVM? Bridge to ETH and ETH compatible chains
  • Anything to do with DeFi? Universal messaging service, pub/sub, enabling high speed cross chains trading
  • When will you publish the new roadmap?

Recordings on YouTube