NKN Partner Map NKN has long since believed that networking is the missing link in offering a fully decentralized internet and a modern Web 3.0 stack. However, networking alone cannot provide all the resources needed for modern internet applications. That is why, we at NKN have strategically partnered with companies in key areas to collaborate and […]

BlockGroup, parent company of BlockVC, created a $200M crypto M&A fund in December 2018. The new crypto fund focuses on the secondary market: especially acquisition as well as strategic follow-up investment in high quality blockchain projects. These additional investment will strengthen the operation capital of the project team. In addition, BlockGroup partner with the project […]

NKN is excited to announce the immediate availability of its NKN 1-click Full Node on Google Cloud Marketplace. In addition, NKN has joined the Google Cloud Technology Partner program. NKN is the only full node blockchain software approved by Google Cloud and officially supported by the project team. https://console.cloud.google.com/marketplace/details/nkn-public/nkn-full-node NKN nodes are the backbone of […]

February 13th, 2019; San Francisco, California NKN is listed on leading Korean exchange UPbit. Currently the trading pair of NKN/BTC is active. Announcement: https://sg.upbit.com/service_center/notice?id=2099 Trading: https://sg.upbit.com/exchange?code=CRIX.UPBIT.BTC-NKN NKN thanks UPbit for supporting innovative blockchain project like NKN to transform 1.4 Trillion telecommunication business and drive web 3.0 adoption. About UPbit Upbit, the Most Trusted Crypto-Asset Exchange. […]

February 7th, 2019; San Francisco, California NKN is officially listed on Bittrex International exchange. Currently the trading pair of NKN/BTC is active: https://international.bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-NKN NKN applaud Bittrex International in recognizing and supporting innovative companies in the blockchain space, to build and to grow for mass adoption. NKN will continue to work with all high quality virtual […]

Summary One NEP-5 NKN token swap to One ERC-20 NKN token (1:1 ratio) Exchanges such as gate.io and Bilaxy support automatic swap for its customers Use NKN’s official web-based token swap tool https://swap.nkn.org , if you hold the tokens in private wallets. Token swap deadline is March 28th, 2019. This token swap has nothing to do […]