Highlights NKN core development team successfully released the latest testnet V0.5 Koala release with new rewritten network stack and enhancements to consensus. Therefore all core functionality of NKN testnet are complete and field tested. The public testnet reached a new record high of over 5,000 nodes NKN Co-Founders interview with BlockchainBrad to give a comprehensive […]

Highlights: Telecom Infra Project (TIP) is a collaborative telecom community founded by Facebook, together with leading telecom operators, equipment vendors and research institutes. The TIP Summit is the ultimate annual conference to showcase the latest solutions and products. NKN is a Silver Sponsor of the TIP Summit 2018 London. NKN showcases its overall technology vision, […]

May 2018 Menlo Park, California Recently NKN joined Telecom Infra Project, a collaborative telecom community founded by Facebook, Deutsche Telecom, Intel, Telefonica, Nokia, Vodafone, and BT. NKN will contribute to several work groups, such as Edge Computing Group, OpenCellular Group, and TIP Community Labs. We envision NKN’s tokenized connectivity protocols and economy can give the […]

Claus Hetting, Wi-Fi NOW CEO & Chairman published an article about how NKN rebuild the Internet with blockchain technology (https://wifinowevents.com/news-and-blog/nkn-rebuilding-the-internet-with-blockchain-more/). This is one of NKN’s attempts to combine its blockchain technology with the traditional telecommunications industry. The way in which the NKN incentivize replying/routing traffic is to use the native NKN token. There are two […]