May 2018

Menlo Park, California

Recently NKN joined Telecom Infra Project, a collaborative telecom community founded by Facebook, Deutsche Telecom, Intel, Telefonica, Nokia, Vodafone, and BT. NKN will contribute to several work groups, such as Edge Computing Group, OpenCellular Group, and TIP Community Labs. We envision NKN’s tokenized connectivity protocols and economy can give the TIP innovators a further boost in faster and wider adoption.

TIP has published several open source hardware and software designs for 3G & 4G LTE small cells, optical switch, and mmWave backhaul. These initiatives will significantly lower the cost of manufacturing and deploying telecom infra equipment, and speed up the innovation on these open platforms.

What we see missing is additional economic incentives for entrepreneurs and new companies to build out new infrastructure. Even with the significantly lowered cost of open source software and hardware, the traditional subscription revenue stream is still too small and too slow to recoup the capital investment. In addition, the existing telecom network is not efficiently utilized due to the imbalance between demand and supply. An open and trusted protocol is required to mediate among different networks and service providers. And we believe NKN can be a good fit for this purpose and thus contribute to the TIP community.

During May’21–22, Zheng “Bruce” Li and Allen Dixon introduced NKN in the Edge Computing Group’s face to face workshop hosted at Facebook’s Menlo Park campus. There are immediate interests from the companies participating in the workshop. NKN team will follow up with all the leads and strive to convert them into real world use cases, lab demos, field trials and eventual commercial deployment.


NKN is the new kind of network connectivity protocol & ecosystem powered by blockchain for an open, decentralized, and shared Internet. We motivate users to share network connections, service providers to utilize unused bandwidth, and developers access to global peer to peer networking stack.

NKN’s goal is to revamp the $1.4 trillion communication business, where we face many challenges today such as inefficient resource utilization, lack of net neutrality, and centralized network control. By blockchainizing the network layer, NKN is providing the missing third pillar of internet infrastructure just as Ethereum has done for compute and ipfs for storage. Our core technical innovations are dynamic routing, Proof of Relay, highly scalable consensus, and token reward mechanism.

NKN is founded by Yanbo Li, former co-founder of Onchain and advised by Dr. Whitfield Diffie, the father of modern public key cryptography and 2015 Turing Award winner. NKN core team members come from Ex-Google, Qualcomm, Nokia, Amazon, and Baidu.

About TIP

Founded in 2016, TIP is an engineering-focused initiative driven by operators, suppliers, developers, integrators, and startups to disaggregate the traditional network deployment approach. The collective aim of our community is to collaborate on new technologies, examine new business approaches, and spur new investments into the telecom space.The TIP community has more than 500 member companies working together towards a common goal.