If you have ever watched a movie on Netflix or listened to a song on Spotify, you have used a Content Delivery Network or CDN. With all the performance and business benefits of using a CDN, it’s important to understand the CDN solutions available in 2020 and how you can best take advantage of it.

This case study introduces a new model in providing carrier-grade content delivery services for Video Service Providers.  Using China Mobile’s edge compute infrastructure together with NKN’s distributed micro hosting software, the solution was able to meet all of the technical hurdles in commercial content delivery services for one of the largest Video Service Providers in […]

Image by NKN Bull Highlights Fiat and token payment launched for nCDN SF Pitch Night 2020 Winner IoT Gateway PoC with NKN & Mozilla WebThings Upcoming: dataRide (data + Rideshare) Upcoming: Video AMA with core team February 2020 Mainnet technical development updates Latest Mainnet Stats February 5, 2020: 🌐 46 countries & regions 🏭 233 ISPs […]

Today we have launched both fiat (powered by Stripe) and NKN token payment for nCDN service, to fully enable Freemium business model. Free to try, low cost to deploy. Please visit our product self-service portal -> Billing for more details: https://ncdn.io Earlier this week, we also launched a brand new dedicated nCDN product page on […]

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