NKN team has delivered almost all the Binance AMA rewards. There are over 4,000 winners across 8 Binance telegram groups, and the reward range from 14.5 NKN to 5,625 NKN. The NKN team overcame all obstacles, and worked overtime during the already busy voting period, in order to deliver the rewards to everyone (when possible) […]

5G is emerging in the telecommunication infrastructure. Its emergence will gradually develop many technical ideas that were previously impossible to realize, including the impact of blockchain on the real economy. As a public blockchain based on decentralized communication, NKN can influence and promote communication development in the 5G era from many aspects. With integration with […]

We’re excited to share that NKN just released and made open-source our Javascript Wallet this week. What is it? Essentially, the wallet is a JavaScript SDK that developers can use to get information, such as the balance of an NKN user’s wallet, and make payments/transfers to other accounts. It can also be used to build […]

Regarding Binance Community Coin of the Month #8 Today at 2018–07–29 17:00:00 US Pacific time, the voting for Binance Community Coin of the Month round 8 is concluded. NKN received 595814 votes (28.74%) out of 2406 voters, and is #2 in terms of total votes and #2 in terms of total voters. NKN is honored […]

Writing after NKN Open Source What is NKN? NKN is the new kind of network connectivity protocol & ecosystem powered by blockchain for an open, decentralized, and shared Internet. The significance of NKN is that it tokenized connectivity and data transmission capability as a valuable resource whose value lies in the usage of data transmission capabilities (to […]

Dr. Whitfield Diffie and Cryptic labs team members reviewed NKN monthly progress and provided technical guidance from a cryptographic perspective on May 25th of its consensus algorithm based on Cellular Automata concept and Ising model. We really appreciated Diffie’s advice on improving the efficiency of Verifiable Random Function and optimizing the connection to the client […]