From left to right: Allen and Yilun (NKN), Larry (IoTeX), and Wes (Theta)

Last Friday- August 20, NKN along with IoTeX and Theta Labs were invited to participate in the Glactic Blockchain eventorganized by in San Francisco, California. The meetup was organized by Starfish Mission- a pioneering hub for the blockchain community — founded by the Starfish Network. In Partnership with local Bay Area community leaders, Starfish hosts over 20 leading industry events per month. Some of the past and future notable speakers are Charlie Lee (Founder of Litecoin), Jeremy Gardner (Founder of Augur), Ali Ayyash (Cofounder of BeeToken and Founder of Lumeos), Popo Chen (Founder of Cobinhood), etc.

The meetup consisted of networking sessions, company presentations, and a panel discussion with Q&A from the audience. Dr. Yilun Zhang- CTO and Cofounder of NKN was one of the panelists along withLarry Pang, Head of Business Development of IoTex and Wes Levitt, Head of Strategy of Theta.

As part of the panel discussion, Dr. Zhang shared insights about NKN technology, partnerships, community, and the crypto market in general. He further shared updates regarding the expansion of NKN’s testnet to include thousands of nodes around the world, an open sourced Javascript wallet has been created, and a new file transfer use case has been added.

Dr. Zhang also emphasized the importance of strategic blockchain partners for NKN that are complementary to its own networking solution, such as storage and compute projects. These important partnerships will not only help improve Internet infrastructure, but can also help bring blockchain adoption to the masses.

Regarding the crypto market,. Dr Zhang talked about the importance of both NKN developer and investor communities and our plan to expand them internationally. Specifically, NKN will focus our marketing efforts on strategic regions, such as East Asia (Japan and South Korea), Southeast Asia (Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam), Eastern Europe (Russia), Western Europe (The UK), and South America (Brazil).

It was a successful event with a lot of attendees who are blockchain enthusiasts/developers and crypto investors in the San Francisco Bay Area. NKN looks forward to organizing and participating in more local events in the future.