NKN is updating our Official website for all of our users, developers, customers and business partners! The new nkn.org is a rejuvenated and modernized website that is faster, easier to navigate, more personalized with your favorite features and your choice of local language.

We had come a long way and accomplished goals that we set up since we first launched our Official website in the year 2018. The long-waited renewal has finally been completed and the fresh release took place this Wednesday!

Our team had been working on this major redesign since summer 2020, with the help of our amazing community developer Christian Busch. We had sneak peaks given out in the last few months, where we were able to gather suggestions and feedback from our community and followers. We would also like to thank Andrew Tawking (@lightmyfire) for translating the site into russian language as well as Tom for proofreading english version. This newly updated website has both  refreshing visual overhauls and technology stack improvements. nkn.org is now on air with more attractive features and a little bit more fun: 

  • Aesthetic visual
  •  Faster response
  • Clearer navigation 
  • Better consistency 
  • Easier comprehension 
  • Wider scope 
  • Offers different choice of languages
  • Offers more personalization

If you have been with us since the early days, thanks for keeping faith in us and please enjoy the brand-new version of our official website. If you’re new to NKN, welcome aboard with a fantastic core team and amazing community, happy to see you joining us in our new journey!

Experience our new website https://nkn.org today and give us lots of feedback in forum.nkn.org!