• Mainnet development intensifies: feature complete on May 31st
  • 1 Million block milestone achieved on May 29th
  • Token swap tools and schedule published
  • New Kind of Proposals (NKP) rolling out
  • Crypto Briefing, “NKN Prepares For A New Kind Of Mainnet”
  • Community: NKNWallet v0.3.0 Update; OpenWRT miner; N1 miner
  • Join the discussion on NKN Forum

R&D highlights

Github source code development progress

NKN’s core developers have intensified their efforts on the mainnet development (under the branch V0.9), reaching “Feature Complete” on May 31st, 2019. You can see the long list of features our core developer team have implemented. We will use the month of June for bug fixes, performance and security improvements, testing and more testing.

NKN testnet code development progress over the last two weeks is mainly reflected in nkn, nnet, nkn-cloud-image, nkn-wallet-js, nkn-client-js, and nkn-mining repositories and different branches.

The latest stable release for public testing is v0.8.2 for testnet.

(https://github.com/nknorg/nkn/releases )

NKN Mainnet v0.9 (a long list)

  • Update db version and testnet version number
  • Start block verification after sigchain cached is filled
  • Adjust sigchain cache expiration to avoid sigchain accidentally expire
  • Change restrictions of name service and pub/sub topic
  • Prevent sigchain txn to be added to txn pool
  • Allow mining sigchain to be included in history blocks
  • add processing flow with fee
  • modify the block verification for new packaging method
  • improve mining and transaction pool
  • Upgrade TestNet/Protocol/DB version for divide up previous incompatib…
  • Prevent concurrent map read and write
  • Populate vrf cache when new block is produced
  • Add src id and dest id in sigchain header
  • Refine the definition of sigchain propogation/mining height
  • Do not allow sigchain backtrack before block vrf is revealed
  • Change sigchain algorithm to Optimize bandwidth and cpu usage
  • add returncode err in GenerateVrf
  • use new sigchain to relay message
  • update SigChain and SigChainElem proto structure
  • add VRF algorithm in crypto
  • Compatible with old wallet
  • modify API: getnoncebyaddr
  • modify wallet store format
  • add nonce to Coinbase transaction
  • modify reward adjust interval to 3 days
  • Update nnet to support multiplexing

NKN Testnet v0.8.2-alpha

Note: The master branch is frozen at version 0.8.2 to maintain compatibility with the public testnet.

  • Decentralize get my IP api
  • Add mining info to help debugging nodes without mining rewards

1 Million block milestone achieved

On May 29th, NKN’s public testnet reached its 1 Millionth Block! This is a significant milestone in the evolution of the NKN Network and a true testament to our strong growth with more than 10K nodes globally. If your like us and want to watch our network growth, you can follow the progress here:

NKN Official:


Community-built nknx:


Token swap tools and schedule

We are approaching mainnet, and here is an overall plan about various token swap tools and their schedule. $NKN in ERC-20, mainnet, and NEP-5 (very small amount due to legacy reasons). Highlights:

  • NEP-5 to ERC-20 swap tool will be open May’25 — June’15, 2019. After which, it will be closed forever. We strongly encourage you to swap as early as possible, since this is the last window.
  • Testnet (tNKN) to ERC-20 swap tool will be open June’15–30, 2019. After which, it will be closed.
  • ERC-20 to mainnet swap tool (two-way) will be open June’30, 2019, and remain open for 3 months until September 30, 2019. We may extend the swap period as needed
  • Exchanges will support automatic ERC-20 to mainnet swap, subject to their own schedule. The exchanges will provide their own announcements when they are ready.

For more details or if you have questions:


New Kind of Proposal (NKP) rolling out

Recently we have quietly rolled out a community process called “New Kind of Proposal”, where community can propose, discuss, and decide on changes to the NKN technology and economic model. Transparency and participation are what we seek.

Several recent examples:

Even though the examples were posted by our CTO Yilun, anyone can make a New Kind of Proposal. If you have an idea, please pick a category on our forum and start proposing.

Crypto Briefing, “NKN Prepares For A New Kind Of Mainnet”

On May 20th, Crypto news and analysis site, Crypto Briefing, spoke with NKN Co-founder Bruce Li about NKN’s Mainnet and product plans. The article not only provides an overview of the NKN project, but also talks about NKN’s new flagship pub/sub messaging and nCDN services.

“NKN Prepares For A New Kind Of Mainnet” by Andrew Ancheta


Community contributions

NKNWallet v0.3.0 Update

Special thanks to community members Amir and Matin for their recent update to NKNWallet desktop and web wallet. V0.3.0 offers notable changes including support for v0.9 devnet and chinese language as well as bug fixes and performance improvements.





OpenWRT Miner

OpenWRT is the most popular open source WiFi router firmware, that runs on hundreds of different types of WiFi routers. A project started 15 years ago, it is the firmware of choice for thousands of enthusiasts and widely deployed.

Porting NKN mining software to OpenWRT, combined with the NKN official mining graphic user interface, can significantly reduce the cost and complexity of running NKN mining node on your existsing home WiFi router. For more details are here:


N1 Miner

Our Chinese developer community have released new NKN mining firmware for Phicomm N1. Phicomm N1 is a popular Network Attached Storage (NAS) device for the consumer homes, and thousands of installed base can potentially expand NKN’s network in China.


Join the discussion on NKN Forum

The community has really embraced the new NKN forum, and we are seeing an increase in activity on the site. All the wisdom of the community is searchable, indexed, archived, and search engine optimized. Don’t miss out. Please sign up to get the latest news, discussions, and support.

NKN Forum:


About NKN

NKN is the new kind of P2P network connectivity protocol & ecosystem powered by a novel public blockchain. We use economic incentives to motivate Internet users to share network connection and utilize unused bandwidth. NKN’s open, efficient, and robust networking infrastructure enables application developers to build the decentralized Internet so everyone can enjoy secure, low cost, and universally accessible connectivity.

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