The easy way to create a NKN node

We want to give everyone the opportunity to participate in the NKN project, and that’s why we think installing a node should also be easy for non-tech savvy people. Both we and our community have worked hard on that goal, and because of this you can choose between two options.

Option 1:

Pre-built nodes on VPS providers

NKN pre-built nodes are already available on the biggest VPS providers out there. Just create an account on AWS, Google Cloud, or DigitalOcean, and visit their marketplace. From there you can easily create a small server running NKN on it!

Here are the direct links to available marketplace entries:

Option 2:

NKNx FastDeploy

One of our most beloved community projects also offers a very simple way of creating your node: NKNx FastDeployRight from the node manager itself, you can either link your VPS providers directly via API key or create a custom snippet for any unix system out there (including raspberry pi).

You can try it right away by visiting or learn more about it in our community project showcase.