Highlights 5G and the New Kind of Network CEO Yanbo Li at Global Digital Economy Summit Partnering for the Decentralized Web A teaser for nCDN New Kind of Proposal — NKP-0012, NKP-0013 Press Release featured in Yahoo Finance, Enterprise Talk, and more nknX node and wallet manager Relaunch for mainnet D-chat adding faucet and tipping features NLove — A […]

The key tenets of 5G 5G has garnered a lot of hype recently as many wireless carriers began their first deployments. In the United States, all major carriers including Verizon, AT&T, Tmobile/Sprint have early deployments in select markets. Carriers worldwide are adopting it as the next generation wireless global standard. Here at NKN, we are excited […]

5G is emerging in the telecommunication infrastructure. Its emergence will gradually develop many technical ideas that were previously impossible to realize, including the impact of blockchain on the real economy. As a public blockchain based on decentralized communication, NKN can influence and promote communication development in the 5G era from many aspects. With integration with […]