Since July’2018, NKN project has achieved so much both by the team and the community that we feel compelled to compile all our deliverables over the last months into a comprehensive report to share with you. We are truly thankful. Happy Thanksgiving! Chapter 1: Key product and technology achievements In early November, NKN public testnet […]

Highlights NKN 1-click GUI Miner Software Released (now supports Windows in addition to Linux and MacOS) The public testnet maintains over 2600 nodes with 96% hosted by the community, and the peak number of nodes was 5,878. November AMA with NKN founding team covers business development, partnerships, R&D plans, and more 100,000 NKN prize for […]

Highlights NKN core development team successfully released the latest testnet V0.5 Koala release with new rewritten network stack and enhancements to consensus. Therefore all core functionality of NKN testnet are complete and field tested. The public testnet reached a new record high of over 5,000 nodes NKN Co-Founders interview with BlockchainBrad to give a comprehensive […]

Highlights NKN R&D team continues to improve stability and scalability of NKN core software including rewriting the core p2p networking stack and publish as a separate package called nnet The public testnet reached a new record high of over 4,000 nodes NKN and IoTeX unveils more details about the joint IoT solution for the smart […]