Shout out to all bounty hunters!

Supporting talented developers, designers and technical writers to the future of Web 3.0 and open source development, NKN is proud to announce our sponsorship to Gitcoin’s Grants Round 11 (GR11) Hackathon from September 8th to september 29th, 2021. And hint: you don’t need blockchain or solidity/WebAssembly experience to participate in our bounties. Designers, technical writers and tinkerers can also find their bounties of interest, so please keep reading.

Gitcoin leads its core mission as the development of the open-source Web 3.0 and its campaign being launched to provide financial incentives to all open source projects and developers. With the biggest matching pool yet, ready to distribute to the community for funding public goods, Grants Round 11 Hackathon is now officially on!

As one of the leading sponsors for this season, NKN is rewarding up to $100,000 in total bounty rewards to developers who build on NKN boosting utility and driving adoptions! The 11 bounties are: 

  1. NKN satellite miner
  2. Rust SDK for NKN
  3. Metaverse over NKN
  4. Code share app over NKN
  5. Video conference app over NKN
  6. Whiteboard collaboration app over NKN
  7. Improve documentation for NKN SDKs
  8. Open innovative App on NKN – (3 bounties, including top, 2nd and 3rd prize)
  9. NKN special NFT collection

Who should apply:

  • Developers who can build consumer or enterprise apps, preferably in Javascript, Go, or Rust
  • Developers who understand the p2p network and server-less app development
  • Tinkerer who play with Satellite Internet service and can integrate in Linux systems
  • Technical writer who can help open source projects to improve documentation
  • Designers who aspire to get their digital art to the NFT market with a brand sponsor

We will also arrange a “NKN tech overview and quick start tutorial” open session hosted by our CTO, so you will be able to get it started and become productive as soon as possible. Please stay tuned for the exact date and time..

All these bounties are granted to those who successfully conclude the projects to the pre-set standards.

You can find a more detailed explanation of every NKN bounty on the official gitcoin GR11 Hackathon NKN landing page:

You definitely would not want to miss this, so please jump on the bounties now! 

About NKN

NKN is the new networking infrastructure built for Web 3.0 and  the decentralized Internet. Already built the world’s largest blockchain network with over 100,000 full consensus nodes globally, NKN aspires to be the indispensable peer to peer networking protocol for all consumer and enterprise applications.  NKN encourages Internet users to share their bandwidth and network connections through economic incentives, so everyone can have faster, cheaper, and more secure Internet connections. 

For more information about NKN and our team, please visit:

About Gitcoin

Gitcoin is on a mission to build an internet that is open source, collaborative, and economically empowering.

Gitcoin is creating community and infrastructure for Web 3 — a diverse range of tools, technologies, and networks that enable people to work for the open internet.

By funding projects, building community, and making learning resources accessible, Gitcoin is teaming up to create the digital public infrastructure of tomorrow.