• NKN listed on Bitvavo, top European exchange
  • NKN-Gitcoin GR11 hackathon running HOT!
  • NKN listed on KUCOIN, top 5 global exchange
  • nConnect for remote collaboration: Windows & Mac

Mainnet technical development updates

Latest Mainnet Stats September 22, 2021:

  • 💻 112,172 full consensus nodes
  • 🌐 65 countries & regions

The latest stable release for mainnet is v2.1.6


NKN listed on Bitvavo, Top European Exchange

We are very happy to announce that NKN is listed on Bitvaro from this September! As one of Europe’s leading digital asset exchanges, Bitvavo is a member of the Dutch association of Bitcoin Companies that supports EUR fiat pairs and prevents fraud.

Users can now trade NKN on Bitvavo with low trading fees down to 0.25% with over 8 available methods! 

NKN – Gitcoin GR11 Hackathon Running Hot!

With no blockchain knowledge and experience required, NKN – Gitcoin GR11 hackathon officially kicked off on September 8th! We have overall 11 bounties open to all developers, technical writers and designers who are willing to take the challenge to build on NKN with a reward up to a total of $100,000!

This hackathon runs up to 29th of September, there’s still a chance to participate:  


NKN CTO Yilun Zhang’s tech overview and quick start tutorial:

Or have a peek at your peers’ smart inventions purely based on the NKN network. With almost a week ahead of 29th, we’ve already got quite a lot of interesting submissions going on here: nRide, a realtime location tracking for ride sharing and a collaborative whiteboard App demo built solely on top of our P2P network, serverless of course.

Follow us on our official twitter to explore more about the GR11 hackathon!

NKN listed on KUCOIN, Top 5 Global Exchange

NKN is now supported by KUCOIN, one of the top 5 exchanges globally by 24hr trading volume! We are accelerating our way to further expanding community reach and liquidity with more and more exchanges that hold their mission to facilitate the global free flow of digital value!

nConnect for remote collaboration: Windows & Mac 

With nConnect reaching over 5,000 downloads within months of its release,  its enormous potential is yet to be fully explored. 

This month we present you a brand new use case for nConnect: remote collaboration between Windows and Mac computers! As an early user proclaimed “omg nConnect is just soooo perfect for remote login”, so try it yourself here with detailed instructions.  https://forum.nkn.org/t/nconnect-remote-collaboration-better-than-teamviewer/4073

About NKN

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