• NKN 2021 Annual report | Meeting the extraordinary 
  • New Mainnet version v2.1.8 release
  • Apple Time Machine: remotely with nConnect
  • nConnect | a trusted companion for all your smart home devices

Mainnet Status 

Latest Mainnet Stats March 7th, 2022:

  • 💻 150,093 full consensus nodes
  • 🌐 67 countries & regions

The latest stable release for mainnet is v2.1.8


NKN 2021 Annual report | Meeting the extraordinary

With the breeze of spring, NKN has published our Annual Report 2021: Meeting the Extraordinary. The year 2021 has been a breakthrough year for NKN, we rode the surging wave of crypto to new heights, and we are poised to venture into unknown territories and experiment with new ideas.

For the coming 2022, we are well on our way to delivering the ultimate decentralized, serverless, secure, and fast Web 3.0 networking infrastructure.

Let us navigate you through our splendid adventure last year:

New Mainnet version v2.1.8 release

We released an updated version of our mainnet v2.1.8, introducing uptime-based routing that improves both mining fairness and the overall network stability. It was initially proposed in NKP-0021, with active participation and intensive validation from the NKN community.  

The latest release is at


Apple Time Machine: remotely with nConnect  

Ever wonder how you can do Apple Time Machine backup remotely and securely? Now there is a way by using nConnect and supported NAS devices.


And here is a video tutorial:

nConnect | a trusted companion for all your smart home devices

When we say “nConnect has so much potential to be explored”, we do mean it.

Have you ever got annoyed by all the Apps that need to be installed on your tablet/phone to connect to different smart devices at your house? 

If that is your case, then now by combining nConnect with Home Assistant, you are ready to connect and access all of your smart devices at home with one single app on your phone, wherever and whenever you are. 

An easy and nice tutorial can be found on our official forum:


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