• New mainnet version v2.1.6 is released
  • nConnect for MacOS is officially online
  • A NKN in NFT: a memorable for NKN Narwhal Mainnet Launch event 2019
  • Upcoming event: NKN-Gitcoin GR11 hackathon

Mainnet technical development updates

Latest Mainnet Stats September 1, 2021:

  • 💻 106,450 full consensus nodes
  • 🌐 63 countries & regions

The latest stable release for mainnet is v2.1.6


A new mainnet version v2.1.6 is released 

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We released our new mainnet version v2.1.6 at https://github.com/nknorg/nkn/releases. This version includes major changes relevant to NKN mining rewards. Due to consensus change, this version is a mandatory update, please make sure to all nodes are upgraded before block height 3,030,000. 

Learn more about the update: https://forum.nkn.org/t/nkn-mainnet-v2-1-6-release/3997

nConnect for Mac OS is officially online

nConnect is now officially available for Mac OS! This cutting-edge secure remote access client is the key to access your home NAS and other connected devices from anywhere in the world, without risking to open any security backdoors. Enterprise and consumer alike, can enjoy the high level of security and fast speed of nConnect without resorting to any cloud based solutions. 

Get it today from Official Apple store, or just click the link below:


Learn more about nConnect for Mac OS on our forum: 


A NKN memorable in NFT: NKN Narwhal Mainnet Launch event 2019

We had a cute and nice little narwhal surfing through the NFT boom in recent months. We have now a NKN memorial NFT to commemorate our mainnet 1.0 Narwhal launched on July 1st 2019. It’s our official mascot Narwhal traveling all around the world with Samba music! 

Have a peek at it in: https://opensea.io/assets/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/110896032227667275565837755478769921803436557882838660349086571597957049614337/

Upcoming Event: NKN x Gitcoin GR11 hackathon

Breaking news! We are super excited to announce our sponsorship to Gitcoin Grant Round 11 from September 8th to 29th, 2021! Together with Gitcoin, NKN is now offering up to $100,000 in total bounty reward to those who are willing to take the challenge building on NKN, spurring utility and driving adoptions!

Experience in blockchain development is NOT a necessary requirement for our bounties. We also welcome designers and technical writers. So don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

For more detailed information about GR11 and NKN bounties, please visit: 


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