We released a new version v1.1-beta. Version 1.1 is a major release that introduced web GUI dashboard, new crypto puzzle mechanism, new txn type, and a lot performance optimization. Feature highlights: Add a web-based GUI dashboard that can be used to show node status and change configurations. By default the dashboard can be accessed from […]

an August 2019 update Introduction When we launched our mainnet Narwhal in July 2019, we outlined our high level plans beyond Mainnet. Now it is time for an update and put a little bit more details to the roadmap beyond Mainnet. There are two main tracks that happen in parallel and enhance each other: Mainnet […]

Captain Narwhal’s choices in transmitting data over NKN Captain Narwhal Planet Hopping Hyperdrive (image by Izmo) Imagine you are Captain Narwhal of the Millennium Falcon starship, and need to go from Earth to Endor. You have two choices: “Planet hopping”: go via moon to Mars, from Mars to Tatooin, through Hoth and Naboo, and then land […]

Highlights 5G and the New Kind of Network CEO Yanbo Li at Global Digital Economy Summit Partnering for the Decentralized Web A teaser for nCDN New Kind of Proposal — NKP-0012, NKP-0013 Press Release featured in Yahoo Finance, Enterprise Talk, and more nknX node and wallet manager Relaunch for mainnet D-chat adding faucet and tipping features NLove — A […]

The key tenets of 5G 5G has garnered a lot of hype recently as many wireless carriers began their first deployments. In the United States, all major carriers including Verizon, AT&T, Tmobile/Sprint have early deployments in select markets. Carriers worldwide are adopting it as the next generation wireless global standard. Here at NKN, we are excited […]

With Over 20,000 Full Consensus Nodes, NKN Is Developing The Largest, Fully Featured Blockchain Network That Can Improve Internet Connectivity and Performance SAN MATEO, CA (August 6, 2019) — Cryptocurrency technology may have the potential to change the world, but at the moment there are only a few centralized institutions and individuals that can control the wealth, […]

Highlights Taxa partnership adds trusted compute (TEE) Ankr partnership for decentralized web3.0 D-Chat Chrome and FireFox extensions available Mining Reward Fairness New Kind of Proposal (NKP) Updates New Multi-Client SDK Testnet Future Plans NKN-IoTeX IoTalk winners announced Community: nknX “Fast Deploy” on Raspberry Pi 3 Mainnet technical development updates Latest Stats July 29th, 2019: 🌐 […]

NKN Partner Map NKN has long since believed that networking is the missing link in offering a fully decentralized internet and a modern Web 3.0 stack. However, networking alone cannot provide all the resources needed for modern internet applications. That is why, we at NKN have strategically partnered with companies in key areas to collaborate and […]

San Mateo, CA (July 29th, 2019) NKN and Taxa Network are pleased to announce a collaboration to bring together decentralized network and trusted compute (TEE) to enable a new breed of high-performance, trustless applications and services. This strategic partnership will allow NKN to integrate Taxa’s compute environment and smart contract platform on NKN’s global P2P […]