Highlights Promote https://forum.nkn.org Live Video AMA with NKN Core Team (English & Chinese) CTO Yilun Zhang Speaks at Huobi University Blockchain Empowering Summit NKN Overview and Deep Dive at Blockchain Applications and Smart Contracts Meetup German translations for NKN Launch Plans for Mainnet and Introduction to NKN Pub/Sub articles now available R&D highlights Github source […]

Highlights Mainnet v0.9 Beluga released NKN Forges Partnership with Three Leading Cloud Platforms AWS Marketplace launches 1-click NKN full node Token swap to ERC-20 successfully completed with 95.5% ratio NKN Mainnet launch plan unveiled NKN past present and future: UZI interviews NKN co-founder Community develops WiFi firmware with NKN and GUI R&D highlights Github source […]

March 31st, 2019; San Mateo, California Today we are thrilled to announce the general release of NKN Mainnet V0.9 Beluga. With the entire networking and consensus subsystems fully verified after Meerkat, this release focuses on ledger and security enhancements. V0.9 Beluga is the last major release before our final Mainnet v1.0 Narwhal, scheduled for June […]

Highlights NKN Testnet V0.8 Released: fully decentralized and unstoppable One-Click NKN Full Node launches on DigitalOcean Interview with NKN advisor Stephen Wolfram and CTO Yilun Zhang Testnet Reaches over 7,000 Nodes Korean Language Website and Introduction Deck Launched NKN South America / Africa Challenge: connecting the Next Billion Users Tech Talk: “Scaling to 1 million+ […]

Highlights New listing on Bittrex International Exchange New listing on UPbit Exchange Co-founded and launched Web3Infra Alliance NKN speaks at GSVLabs event “Tokens and Beyond” Smart Cities Video Released R&D highlights Github source code development progress NKN testnet code development progress over the last two weeks is mainly reflected in nkn, nkn-mining, nkn-cloud-image, nkn-crawler, nkn-utility, […]

Highlights R&D highlights (GitHub progress, go & java clients) Collaboration with Dr. Stephen Wolfram NKN announces token swap: NEP-5 to ERC-20 NKN (ERC-20) token listed in Switcheo and IDEX exchange NKN Launches new Website NKN exhibits at Blockchain Connect 2019 R&D highlights Github source code development progress NKN testnet code development progress over the last […]