Today we are extremely excited to announce the on-schedule release of Testnet V0.3 Lemur, another key milestone in technical development by the NKN team. In this version, both functionality and performance of NKN’s system have been substantially strengthened . Lemur key highlights: Expanded testnet to over one thousand nodes globally and validated the core functions under […]

The Origin of NKN Scalable MOCA Consensus Based on Cellular Automata Figure 2, simulated animation of the standard voter algorithm. Courtesy of Figure 3, simulated animation of the voter algorithm with double polling. Courtesy of Figure 4, simulated animation of the friend of a friend voter algorithm. Courtesy of Figure 8, simulation of […]

Hello Community, Good news!!! Our testnet v0.3 will be published at the end of August and testnet experimental mining is coming soon as well. In order to help community understand more about our mining procedures, a NKN mining animation video has been published on our Youtube channel already 🙁 Mining video file link on Google Drive: […]

June 2018 was both busy and fruitful for NKN, and our progress has been made in both R&D and community development. For more details, please refer to the following. Monthly Headlines NKN launched on, opened NKN/USDT and NKN/ETH trading pairs NKN launched on (, a world-famous digital asset trading platform, on May 28, 2018, […]