Introduction Since September 2019, we have enabled two-way token swap between NKN Mainnet and ERC-20 tokens. A few major milestones have been achieved since then: A very thorough and detailed security audit has been successfully completed and the final report has been published. This audit looks into all the source code of our nkn node […]

Highlights Two New MainNet releases: v1.1.6-beta and v1.1.5-beta GSMA Case Study: NKN + China Mobile for Video Content Delivery NKN SDK: powering client side communication without servers Insights Online Blockchain Summit – NKN Communication as a Service Official Blog Re-launched nMobile Demo Video Mainnet technical development updates Latest Mainnet Stats April 2, 2020: 🌐 43 […]

Highlights New MainNet v1.1.4-beta Release Re-enabled Name Service How To Use nsh to Run Secure Remote Commands On Ubuntu 18.04 Secure Remote File Access for Network Attached Storage (NAS) Community Built NKNx Vault adds support for NKN Domain Name Mainnet technical development updates Latest Mainnet Stats March 16, 2020: 🌐 40 countries & regions 🏭 […]

We released a new version v1.1.4-beta. This is a major release that will re-enable name service functions at block height 980,000, including name registration, extension, transfer and delete. Name registration now costs a fee (10 NKN) and is valid only for a year to avoid spamming attacks. Please update your node BRFORE block height 980,000 […]