• NKN officially supported by Coinbase Custody
  • nConnect wins commercial partnership with QNAP
  • nConnect Beta release on ASUSTOR App Central
  • Surge – advancing to a brand-new design for user interactions
  • Token economic discussion in community forum

Mainnet technical development updates

Latest Mainnet Stats February 2, 2021:

  • 💻 28,307 full consensus nodes
  • 🏭 142 ISPs or cloud providers
  • 🌐 37 countries & regions

The latest stable release for mainnet is v2.0.7

(https://github.com/nknorg/nkn/releases )

NKN officially supported by Coinbase Custody

We are pleased to be officially supported by Coinbase Custody, a leading cryptocurrency custody service that is both safe and compliant.


nConnect wins commercial partnership with QNAP 

On 20th January 2021, NKN announced a commercial agreement with QNAP, one of the pioneering global NAS manufacturers. Under this contract, NKN and QNAP will launch a joint solution of secure remote access for better global coverage, with guaranteed security, fast speed and best cost performance.

This partnership is an important milestone for both NKN and QNAP, we expect to have nConnect on QNAP’s market in the coming month and we welcome everyone owning a QNAP NAS device to try out our nConnect service!

For detailed information about our partnership with QNAP, please visit:


For a better understanding of nConnect please read the following article:


nConnect Beta release on ASUSTOR App Central

Since we confirmed our collaboration with ASUSTOR last December, nConnect is now on ASUSTOR App Central in Beta release version. Customers with ASUSTOR NAS devices can find nConnect in the following link:


NKN and ASUSTOR teams are working closely and customers can expect the official version of nConnect to be released within a month or so. 

For more detail about NKN and ASUSTOR’s partnership, please visit:


Surge – advancing to a brand-new design for user interaction

As one of the highly expected software built by our community team on the NKN network, Surge has already received a lot of praises from its early adopters. And now, @Rule110 team is on their way to redesign the software striving for a better user interaction, easier navigation and slicker interface.

Keep yourself updated to Surge’s latest news or experience this amazing community work immediately through @Rule 110’s official website: 


Token economic discussion in community forum

We have revived an older community thread in exploring better economic models for NKN token. We will come up with a NKP (New Kind of Proposal) for the community to review and comment.


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